Engines in the Dark

Vohn's journal 10

We finally arrived at our hotel in Silhann. Not ten minutes there and we’re accused of theft. Jack took a liking to a retired Vosir’s money bag. Reave was quick to grab Jack’s weak spot, and he froze up. We paid the blind Vosa back, and apologized. The Vosa told Jack there’s an oven they toss law-breaking Grigg into. I think that got through to him pretty well.

We’re on our final leg of our trip! The zeppelin arrived early, and we’ve managed to get a good spot. Jack has managed to cut his hands up terribly. He thought a vase was full of diamonds, and one thing led to another, now Drassic is wrapping his hands up tightly.

Hex pointed out a group from the Grith family. Everyone was avoiding them, which is weird considering their family rules the empire. Hex said they had been shunned, apprently that part of the family had done something so terrible socially that they were prevented from being interacted with, lest your status go down as well. I wanted to talk to them, I felt like they shouldn’t all be left out for something someone else in their group did. Reave grabbed my shoulder and told me it’s better to avoid them, that we don’t need the extra problems.

Upon arriving at the Shining city we moved around miles of stairs. I had my head up most of the time, taking in all these imaginable sights. Giant statues every block, entire unused rooms full of furniture and old paintings. We rushed and got Jack a license so he can continue to be with us. After another couple of hours of going up and down stairs, we arrived at House Solta’s base. The remnants of a tower, with man a tent and temporary shelter. While I’m used to this hunting, this isn’t what a high house’s base of operations should look like. They’re even growing grapes for our wine on the bridge that connects it!

We met the head of our family, Aethir Solta Jessic. She introduced us to several of our family members, and told us the funeral would be tomorrow. She also told us to prepare to make an appearance at a ball, tonight.

Before she left she gave mail to both Reave and Kal. Reave has new orders to ship out after the funeral, and Kal has another Vode offer. I’m happy my brothers are getting to do what they trained for for years. However, it’s sinking in again that they’re leaving soon. I went years without seeing them, but bonding over a zeppelin crash and other near death experiences, it’s been amazing. But I have to realize, we’re on different paths. Kal will be fighting for a noble’s honor, Reave guarding the thyr thats let’s us see, and Jack and I will be heading back to Ciderton, to… I don’t know.

I have one plan and that’s courting Kurra. After that, I have no ideas. I have never really thought about it, but if I’m going to provide and raise a family, I don’t think woodsman and hunter in Ciderton are going to do it. I have a lot of thinking to do on our way back. Who knows, maybe Jack will have some ideas of what we can do.

The Reave Report - Log 9

My apologies for my lapse in duty of keeping my logs up to date but things have been eventful as of late. Perhaps one day I’ll revisit these days past and give my account but for now let me tell these fresh memories.

We spend the last few days at Tamerville resting in our suite at The Hook and Eagle. Being an officer in The Brotherhood I’m not use to such fine lodging so I make the best of it. I really miss that bed I had. The morning of our departure Vasel Hex meets us in our room to gather us up. Kal with the help of a few others gets the still floating Dower into his new smugglers box and off we go. I pull Hex aside and tell him to not use our names when we get our tickets. I do not want a repeat of our adventures on the Sky Lady.

Waiting in line to board the Arrow we are asked to show our patents of nobility, standard order of course but still it makes me wary. Then one of the stewardesses tells us that our Grig will not be able to accompany us in the upper nobility section. Figures, everything was going so smoothly for us. I try and reason with the works to let Jak stay with us but they didn’t seem to want to listen to me. Then Vohn steps in and with the tongue of a politician begins to snake around these men and women’s commonsense and they agree. It was quite impressive, I especially liked the part where he told them it was Jak’s birthday. They all seemed so excited by this news that they agreed and gave Jak a child’s captains replica hat, an Arrow pin as well as let him and Vohn take a tour of the cockpit. I’ve seen enough of zeppelin cockpits for the rest of my life so I was happy to just be escorted to our room. Even though this zepplin was still nice and clean it seems considerably older than the Sky Lady was. The worn in rustic look made me a little more at ease strangely.

Settling into our room I couldn’t help but feel tense and uncomfortable as we drifted through the air towards to Silhan. I distracted myself with conversation with my traveling companions and after a few hours the nagging thoughts of our last zeppelin ride began to dull away. Soon enough I was settled into bed and off to sleep. This is where I would like to say that this was how the rest of our days were but that wouldn’t make this much of an adventure now would it? In the dead of night I was startled awake but L1NGO and Rance making too much noise for their own good. Annoyed I got up to quiet them down but notice that Rance is holding someone in his arms. Getting closer I was amused to see that a more gaunt and bloodied Nain Dower has come back to join us in the world of the sober. Oddly enough Rance seemed very concerned for Dower and said he needed to tend to him. Far be it from me to stop the man and it’s fitting for him to be the person to take care of him. They have their love of Green Lotus in common and I’m sure Rance knows how to cure Dower of his Lotus hangover. I ask if I can help at all and Rance tells me to fetch some honey, lemon and water and I oblige him. Calling for the stewardess I wait outside our room for their arrival, I’m sure it would be in everyones best interest not to let it be known we smuggled Dower aboard. The stewardess arrives and is kind of pushy about bringing the order inside of our room but sternly tell her to just give me my items and be on her way. She may have had a bit of sass but she knew to listen to me and do as she’s told. I bring the items in and hand them to Rance and he sets to work. It was a little beautiful watching such a harsh man take care of Dower, a man who would never show him the same kindness. Then Rance smacked him hard across his face. L1NGO expresses to me that he is worried about Dower and to an extent so am I but I tell him he’s in good hands and head back to bed.

When I awoke to my surprise Dower is up tending to my brother like nothing had ever happened. I make a snide remark about being a Thyre head and he shoots me a disapproving stare, good old Dower is back in the saddle. Over breakfast I’m reminded that it was Yoman Day and Kal muses that he would enjoy putting on a demonstration for everyone. Great another way to feed his ego but there would be no way the staff on board would allow that. An hour later I am eating my words as I am told that later that evening we would be attending his Yoman Day demonstration. The rest of the day was intense preparation for this for Kal and it was impressive to see just how dedicated he was to his training. This was going to be great fun watching my brother perform in a less dangerous setting than I am use to.

We make our way to where Kal will perform to all of our surprise another Vosir was waiting. This man was Tolly, Kal’s rival from the Academy. Oh this was getting better and better. As the two men took the stage I was filled in on the story by Drassic. The first act was to establish Yoman’s early years as a Vosir, calm and precise strikes. Tolly went first followed by Kal, I knew this was a competition but I couldn’t perceive who had down this act better so i just cheered loudly for my brother. The second act was all about speed, I tried with all I could for my eyes to keep up with these men but I could not. The middle act told the story of Yoman’s battle with a shadow demon, they smacked their Aelanith blade and then quickly snap them up into the air making this loud piercing noise. I could tell that Kal bested Tolly in this round. I yelled out my brother’s name and was shot a glance by the man who employed Tolly, I tipped my glass to him. In act four Yoman now the Emperor’s Vosir is sent out to kill an albino Giant, this round dealt with a lot of stabbing maneuvers. From the look on my brother’s face as he finished I knew he was a little disappointed by his performance. The final act is about what Yoman was best known for, when the Queen betrayed the Emperor with a coup and sent her men to kill him and Yoman singlehandedly dispatched them. When it was finally over I could help but applaud and whistle as loud as possible, this was most definitely one of the greatest performances I had ever seen. Immediately both Vosir are nearly overrun by their now adoring fans, it takes several minutes to make it to Kal to congratulate him then Tolly.

I make my way back to a table and enjoy my wine and food, a few people approach me and make some small talk, nothing spectacular until Tolly’s master approaches me. He introduces himself as Aethir Cennick Torres and I am now on edge. I decide to play it calm and continue a conversation with him. He asks me all sorts of questions, nothing too personal or prying and if it wasn’t for the fact he was from house Cennick I would say it was almost enjoyable. After an hour he takes his leave and after keeping on a facade for so long I needed a strong drink. Eventually Vohn joins me and says he and Jak are ready to go and I agree with him.

Oddly when we arrive at our room and unlock it I find that it’s also barred by something. Drassic, Vohn and I try and force the door open but to no avail. After a few more minutes of waiting and banging on the door a disheveled stewardess comes out, obviously embarrassed and we are greeted by a naked by a naked Rance laying on all the bedding in the middle of the room. You can’t be mad at the man, he acts as he acts and there is nothing you can do about it. Nain Dower comes and joins us without Kal, odd, so I begin to ask where my brother is. All Dower does is shake his head at me, I already miss when he was floating around.

Just before I head to sleep Kal comes stumbling into the room bleed from his head. As Dower patches him up my brother tells us how he goes back to a lovely young lady’s room, has sex with her but before he leaves her father comes home. This sounds like something that would happen to the idiot. He continues on by saying the girl then tries to push Kal out of the window which angers him and he tries to leave through the front door. Before he can make it out of this woman’s room she bashes him over the head with a vase and her father then rushes into the room. It was Torres accompanied by Tolly. Of course it was, why wouldn’t it be. The girl then claims rape, Kal tells the truth and strangely Cennick believes him, slaps his daughter and then tells Kal to leave. I sit there in silence for a bit dumbfounded about his truly damaging this could be for our family. It’s made up in my mind almost instantly that we need to go apologize, Kal of course refuses. With the help of Vohn we’re able to get him to go. Arriving at Torres’ room I felt uneasy, I know how stubborn Kal can be and hope he would do right by our family and do the right thing. When Torres comes out to speak with us I apologize profusely to him and then when it comes for Kal to do the same it doesn’t go how it should. He gives him a backhanded apology where he also calls his daughter a whore before storming off like a child. I tell him he’s an idiot, turn back to Torres and say I hope this hasn’t damaged our reputation and he assures me it hasn’t and leaves. The walk back to our room was just me seething in anger at the imbecile of an older brother that Lady Thrye cruelly gave me.

That night I toss and turn in my anger, barely able to sleep. In the morning the captain announces that we will be arriving in Silhan within the hour and for us to prepare for turbulence. The close we get to our destination the wilder the wind became, then the rain. Fear crept over me and I can tell everyone else except maybe Jak was ready for this ride to be over. Then the zeppelin passes through some type of magical barrier and everything calms back down. I finally unclench my hands from the hand rests. The Arrow docks safely and I am more than happy to depart for firm ground. As we wait for our luggage to come to us L1NGO informs me that Lord Cantha has fallen ill recently and that the Yoan Cult has been very active. Could this be related? Or maybe not. Vohn and Jak both get umbrellas as we wait for our luggage to come to us. Eventually a Durga wearing a very long brim hate comes to us pushing a cart with all of our belongings in it and askes us where to. Now that’s a good question, we’re in a new place with barely any money, no place to go, and potentially at every point in this journey being followed by an enemy. After arguing for a few minutes I suggest we find The Brotherhood of Radience office and ask for lodging.

We begin to make the trudge through the rain slick streets towards the inner city. Silhann has a very odd depressing beauty about it and the contrast betweent it’s residence and the visitors is striking. The people of Silhann are extremely pale looking, almost ghostly in the right light, their clothes are mute of color and they all seem to not like to converse. In the middle of the city there stood a giant statue of what looked like a Stormwarden that acts like a lightening rod for the city. Perhaps they harness the power of the lightning.

We eventually arrive at the office of The Brotherhood and I talk to Commissioner Willick about potential lodging my brothers, traveling companions until the zeppelin departs for the Shining City. Unforuntately Willick shoots that idea down since there is not enough room for all of us. Instead he asks me when was the last time I’ve been paid by The Brotherhood and to be honest I couldn’t remember. He offers me twenty Gold for back pay and I accept. After the correct paperwork is filled out and signed I bid the Commissioner a good night and head back into the rain to find a place to sleep.

Through the streets we happen upon a boy yelling about a hotel and he says the words I like to hear, cheap. We tell him to take us there and he says we will be going to The Black Rose and off we go through a back alley. This is where I’d like to say we got there and payed way less for rooms that we’re the nicest I’ve ever payed for but alas this is where we walked into a trap. A large group of men set upon us lead by a man wielding a rather large thundergrip. Our Durga pushing our belongings ran off with said belongings, the boy taking us to the hotel also ran off, bastards the lot of them. I see the leader lift his thundergrip and aim straight at Vohn, I immediately send a bolt of Thyre straight at the him and it misses. Luckily for Vohn this man misses as well but the energy that thundergrip is immense, this will not be an easy fight. It seemed like we were facing ten men but I couldn’t see past these three rather immense men. One was clad in crude armor named El Beefo the other two were smaller than this man and were the brothers Cronk. I don’t know when exactly Jak changed into the beast, perhaps it was just after I sheered one of the brothers Cronk’s head off but whenever it was the beast was now raging on the battlefield. Through the chaos of the battlefield I see the leader begin to run off towards a tunnel. I drop down to one knee and grip my Thyre gloved wrist to brace myself, this was going to be a long shot. Slowing my breath I send forth justice itself through my glove, the arching blast illuminating the alley and then then tunnel before dying out as it connects with the back of the leader. I was smiling from ear to ear as I run off to confirm my kill, past the Jakbeast who was devouring a corpse. My glove lighting up this tunnel and I follow the blood trail to the leaders unforunate end. I begin riffeling through his pockets and procure these glowing cylinders that make my Thyre meter go off, eighteen gold, a breat plate, and a wide brim hat which I set upon my head. It was stylish. I grab the corpse by the arm and drag him back to the battlefield which to my surprise to find we were now joined by the authorities. My companions and brothers were arguing for them to not kill Jak who was still in beast form. Everyone seemed to have their eyes on me when I point at the corpse and say we got him, whoever he was. This dead man seemed to be famous around these parts because they congradulated us. It made the situation less tense because Jak decided to revert back to his normal Jakiness. After some talking we are told that these men we killed were a dangerous and troublesome gang and more importantly there was a bounty on their heads. This makes me happy.

Leave it up to the brothers Solta to be the heroes upon setting foot in a new place. As dangerous these situations have been for us as of late I can’t help to be thankful for them. They’ve distracted us from the thought of our Father’s funeral which I can tell in the moments of peace and ease weigh heavy on Kal, Vohn and I’s hearts. I just hope soon enough to get to the Shining City and begin my investigation on House Cennick and to devel into what truely happened to my father the Huntsman.

Vohn's Journal 8 & 9

A month ago I could never say I’ve been this far outside of Ciderton. Then again, a month ago I could also say I’ve never seen a man-servant floating around the ceiling. Kal is trying to hide what ever Happened to Dower, or rather, what Dower did to make him like this.

Dower cost us three days because he decided to try a drug. It’s been about a week since we left for the Shinign City for our fathers funeral, and that’s not important to Dower. No, getting up on drugs and possibly getting us in trouble, that’s what matters to Dower. I told Kal to leave him. He’ll probably get another when he finally gets a vode. Dower is lucky Aethyr Solta Hex arrived.

Hex told us about a hotel we could safely stay at, not a drug den we were apparently staying at. Sure enough, one wretch, i’m assuming on drugs himself, starting yelling us, claiming we took his drugs! He swung for me, and I knocked him out. Thankfully Reave’s position in the law makes scenarios of dealing with these figures much easier. We took a detour to the constables to drop off this Thyr-head. A short investigation later we find out he’s been here before, a lot.

We leave, knowing that whatever JAck, L1ngo or Kal did to that man, it didn’t matter anymore.

After we arrived at our new hotel, which is immense, Kal took some time to take me shopping. I really appreciate the gesture, but these city clothes, they’re, uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, the fabric is great, their sizes perfect, but they don’t feel good. They don’t feel right. I really do appreciate what Kal is doing, trying to make it so I represent our family well int he court, but these clothes are so expensive they better last the rest of my life.

I wrote another letter to Kurra. Hopefully my time in the shining city is short. My father was a great man, and i’m sure his funeral will reflect that. But honestly, I’m getting homesick, and these large cities are, quite honestly, starting to put me off.

Three days have passed, and Dower is still on the ceiling like a moth to a flame. I almost feel sorry for him. Then again, I almost let him float off several times.

I spoke with Hex a bit about Silhann, our last stop before the shining city. Apparently there have been storms raging for over 80 years, non stop. I like the rain, it’s fun to go hunting in., but 80 years straight? Why bother living there?

Jack was lucky enough to be let on board the top floor of the zeppelin because we put his collar and leash on. We also got a really nice tour of the zeppelin with a stewardess and met the captain. Apparently saying it’s my friends birthday is the best way to get cool stuff.

Dower finally awoke. Screaming. At the top of his lungs. in the luggage compartment. int he giant trunk Kal placed him in. Did I mention Kal bought a giant trunk with straps to keep him in so we weren’t found to have an idiot in our group that took green lotus. Kal seems to be doing better, now that he has his man-servant running his menial tasks again.

I told Dower “It’s nice to have you back, you useless thyr-head.” I think I made him cry. He got busy helping Kal prepare for some dance for Yoeman’s day. Another Vosir was on the airship, ready to strut his stuff as well. Found out later it was Kal’s old rival from school.

After their fighting dance -off, the two got to talk to the crowd. Aethyr Senick Torris approached Reave. Theyy had a pleasant discussion about, well just about everything. Apparently this Sennick doesn’t get too far out of the light, so Ciderton was something completely new to him. He seemed pleasant, quite the opposite of the othe rSenick’s we’ve met.

A couple of hours later, after the Yoeman festivities died down, Kal cam eback in his small-clothes, not his armor. Apparently he had made great friends with a woman. A Sennick woman. The daughter of Torris of all women. Reave and I made him apologize to Sennick. Though it was Reave who did the most talking.

In Ciderton, the worst I had to worry about was losing my catch to a thief, or a couple coins in a game. There weren’t thugs, nor people who actively tried to kill you for your possessions. Silhann has left a very memorable taste in my mouth.

We tried to follow a man to a hotel he said was cheap, and as funds were incredibly low, we agreed to go. Not two minutes later I’m shooting a giant who called himself “El Beefo” int he face. Kal sliced a man en twain, and proceeded to knock back the rest of the thugs surrounding Rance and Drassic. Reave managed to kill the head of this little group, after I blasted his hand off with a thundegrip. Since the guards were on their way, I emptied the thundergrip and dropped it onto one of the bodies. Better a dead thug caught with a thundergrip, than me bringing any shame to our family, or losing a hand.

The guards understood our situation and even gave us reward money for taking out these thugs. That is after Jack, who was again in the form of the hairy beast, was calmed back before the guards killed him on the spot.

Lessons are usually painful, and sometimes because you yourself did something stupid to set yourself up for failure. This is what we did. We’re sitting at our new hotel, two days away from leaving. I cannot wait to see the Shining City. I can’t wait to see my father gain, though I wish I would have been able to speak to him again.

Kals journal 5

Dower your a ninny and a fool, and through out the last 48hours I have wanted to tell you this over and over. I told you to just drink a little bit of green lotus but no! Not only have you been a tremendous burden on me and my brothers over the last couple of days so much so that vohn wanted to just leave you behind ( and I considered the thought ).your indescribable stupidity has cost me my fair share of gold as well ,just so we could bring you along I have had to purchase a very large very expensive luggage case wich we could have easily done without. Look at you floating up there with a grin on your face. Dower you are a ninny and a fool

L1ngo44 Memory Transcript

We start our journey today at the Garden Flower. Once pristine and beautiful, now an old and deprecated shell of it’s former glory. We haven’t been here a full minute and already Master Jack as wandered off in search of trinkets and toys of which to “borrow”. I still don’t completely understand why the young masters choose to keep him in our company, but he is with us none the less and it is my duty to serve him as the young masters wish.

Master Officer Reave has given me a most glorious gift! A new arm. I must admit, I’ve grown quite fond of my current ligaments over the years and it will hurt to see my old arm that has served me so well over the years cast aside, but if this new battle ready arm will help me in my duties to protect and serve the Solta family then it is a small price to pay.

Master Officer Reave surprises me with his apparatus work! It has been long since I’ve seen someone so stilled in the inter workings of apparatus. And to do so without the formal training that has been lost over the centuries is even more astounding. With some slight aid here or there he was able to fit me with my new arm to which
there is no doubt that it is now my own. There is still much hope in the Solta family.

The brothers continue to bicker and fight, even in the shadow of their father’s passing. He would be so disappointed to see them now. Maybe there is something I don’t understand and they do this out of affection rather then disdain, but alas, I could not know for certain. I will continue to do my best to shape them into the nobleman their father had wished for them to become. I will not fail him or the Solta family.

Master Vohn almost allowed himself to be seen among-st the common folk on our way to the Shining City! I can not allow this. In order for the Solta family to stay within the lofty ranks of the houses the masters must be ever vigilant to to not let their status sway. Especially in this dark hour. I will watch the young Master Jack in Master Vohn’s place. It is tragically unbecoming of an apparatus of my status to be among these poor souls, but I must do what is necessary for the preservation of the young masters and the Solta house.

Vohn's journal - part 7

After an exhausting trip into Keod, we’ve finally come across a place we can stay comfortably. I swear this trip ahas made Kal more finnicky about his living conditions. We’re on the road, not in the comforts of home, sharing rooms is to be expected.

Since we’ve started leaving Ciderton a house name that has been bugging me is house Sennick. They own the Vosir that wanted Tovan dead. They mysteriously appear here when we arrive. Something isn’t right. So I used their name to sign into the hotel. The name “Senick Jeffrey Wilkinson” will be in their books, and shoudl any trouble arise, that will be all they know of us.

The highlight of this sad trip has been reuniting with Kurra. I took the advise of Drassic and took off after dinner to the area where she supposedly lived. My brothers mistakenly tasked me with keeping most of our available funds. Love is a good enough reason to spend money, isn’t it? Well, after nearly breaking into a flower shop, I thought I would have an easy time. That is until three thieves tried to ruin my night.

They tried to steal my money, and kill me. I tried to hold back from finishing a horrible deed when I knocked them out. Knocked two out. I may have killed one by punching a dagger into him. I didn’t stick around to check, my time was limited.

I finally got to meet with Kurra after her father, Durra’s window was the one I accidentally threw stones at. I had a magical night, we talked about our lives, and told her that I hoped to be back just after my fathers funeral. I hope to return and if thing sgo my way, maybe stay in Keod while I court her further.

I don’t know what magic Reave has, or what luck is on his side, but he managed to get us free tickets to the zeppelin – I found out later we were given free tickets by the shinning city for the funeral-

Our ride was short, not long after we took off we were attacked. Somehow these men were able to fly along our ship, and caused explosions I had never even hear of being possible. They began to take money and belongings from the passengers, and using thundergrips for their weapon. We incapacitated some, and killed others. I stole and used a thundergrip to ruin the life o one man who was threatening a woman. We’re settled in our ship for now, but scared this isn’t the last time we’ll be under attack before we reach the Shining city. We foun some scraps of paper that hinted people knew we would be on the lines, and whoever knew that, knew it was a prime time to attack our family at it’s most vulnerable.

Jak episode 9

A big fight on a blimp. Me and lingo were at the bottom of blimp were it was nice and save. I saw a glider man trying to catch fire to the blimp. So I got out of the blimp and broke in to the blimp. I got attacked by 1 off them.

finally got in but all of them were dead. so I grabbed a thundergrip.

Kals journal 4

The closer we get to the shining city the more I’m getting used to the finer things in life.its been nice the last couple day not sleeping out side in freezing weather or having to stay awake have the night keeping wach because something might be comming to kill or eat us.
Although sharing a room with rance and the grig was probably the worst thing I have faced yet. But we have been set up with quite suitable acomidation opon the sky lady quandary I think that our troubles on our journey to the shining city might just be comming to an end.

The Reave Report - Log 8

Before I left the Descended’s residence he gave me an antique apparatus forearm telling me to install it on L1NGO. It was bulky yet sturdier then his current arm but it was had a protruding box that shot out crossbow bolts. Perfect, I can finally get him to be more effective in fights. The Descended gave me a few tips before sending me on my way.

Eventually it dawned on me that I had no clue where my brothers and traveling cohorts went. Figures since it seemed like everything was going a little too well. I set off down to Keod’s tower to the lower levels and asking around to the guards if they had seen them. It was a slow process at first but I finally began getting some solid leads until I found myself at The Guardian Flower hotel. This place had definitely seen some better days. As I walked up to my traveling companions I noticed little Jak was nowhere to be found. I asked the only person that would know where he ran off to L1NGO told me he went into a large storage cabinet. My brothers were busy getting us rooms for the night so it was my job to wrangle up the Grigg. Walking to the cabinet I could hear him shuffling around so I began to rap on the door. This of course draws the attention to a guard so I inform him that a child was in there. The guard reaches in and pulls out a gaudy metal helmet with Jak attached to it and he immediate runs away. After some yelling and coordinating on the guards’ part they were able to catch Jak and bring him over to us. One of these men try and reprimand us for not keeping an eye on our Grigg pet, I sternly tell him this could have all been avoided if they kept a better eye on this closet and locked it. That seemed to get the point across nicely.

Soon after we are escorted to our rooms and of course there is an argument about sleeping arrangements. Eventually it is decided that Vohn, Drassic, L1NGO and I will share one and Kal, Dower, Jak and Rance will stay in the other. I definitely got the better room. Immediate I set to work on installing this new arm on L1NGO with his assistance. The tips from my Descended friend paid off nicely but it was slow work taking me all night. I was so focused on my work that I nearly missed Vohn bringing me dinner, what a good brother I have. As everyone was stirring from their beds I finally completed the installation, everything working flawlessly of course. It didn’t hit me until I stood up to stretched how tired I was but sleep would have to wait because we Solta’s had a Zeppelin to catch. While washing up and making myself presentable I could hear a ruckus from the other room with Dower of all people yelling, great just what I wanted to deal with no sleep. Without a word I enter Kal’s room, assess that Jak is terrorizing him and Dower and quickly grab him by the scruff of his neck and walk outside. To my complete surprise he falls relaxed and quiet. Perfect. Soon I’m joined by everyone else and we proceed to the upper level of the tower.

This is about the time I started to worry about just how we will be getting our tickets to The Shinning City. We didn’t have the money but we did have one thing, me. I could use my Brotherhood pull to get us on that zeppelin. I tell everyone my plan and they seemed to agree that this would work. So I pull up all my confidence and march straight to the front of the line and explain our situation, not giving much of anything other than my name, badge number and destination. Another gentleman who seemed to be a supervisor gave us our tickets to ride the Sky Lady, just like that. Well except for a little hiccup on how many lower class passes we needed. Apparently both Drassic and Rance had papers of nobility. Now call me crazy but Rance a nobleman, I doubt it but if that’s what he wants to do I’ll just turn a blind eye to it. Grigg though can in no way, shape or form ride in the top with the nobility which seemed to upset Jak. Then Vohn suggested he ride with him in the commoner area which seemed to upset L1NGO. Our apparatus pleaded with his youngest master to let him ride with Jak and Vohn reluctantly obliged. I know he was worried for his little Grigg but it was the right thing to do. As we took our seat in what seemed to be the best seats in the Zeppelin I couldn’t help but smile at my brilliance with the execution of my plan. We toasted over Sky Champagne and within seconds of finishing my glass I was fast asleep tired from all the work I had done.

Nothing is ever this easy, ever. I’m roused from my seat by some turbulence or at least that was what I thought until I heard the explosions. I looked out the window and I saw small propeller aircrafts wheeling around and tossing bombs and shooting what appeared to be thundergrips. Before I could get my bearings a bomb went off and threw us all to the floor. The wall of glass had been blown out. I shook off the blast and looked for the nearest plane, shooting a Thyr bolt through glass and sending it down to the earth. That was extremely satisfying. Everyone else was running out of the room as I took a few more shoots at these sky bandits with less luck then the first. I look around for another plane and notice one fly straight at our cabin, without hesitation I grab Dower and throw us outside of the room. A huge explosion rocking me to the core as the plane slammed into our cabin. Another shockwave I try to shake off as I look around and see my brothers, Drassic and Rance engaging the bandits. They seemed to be robbing the other passengers. I see one of the bandits looking as if he’s about to jump from one of the holes. Taking aim I snipe his head clean off his shoulders but his corpses tumbles out into the sky taking the other passenger’s belongings with him. At least I tried. Oddly as the body tumbled a flying apparatus seemed to pop out of his pack and he began to glide. I try and ponder this but am thrown to the floor once again by a blast, this time it takes me a while to get to my feet.

The battle seemed to be over; I couldn’t see or hear anymore explosions of propeller planes. As I try and assess what just happened Jak climbs in from one of the blasted holes. Seems like he smelled a fight and tried his damnedest to get to it. Moment later L1NGO walks in with a handful of Grigg behind him. If it wasn’t for the fact we were just attacked in midair and the zeppelin nearly destroyed this would have severe consequences. The engineers begin to rope down from the cockpit, most start delivering first aid to the injured passengers.

I start my investigation, first trying to find one of these glider packs. After poking around at a few of the dead bandits I’m able to retrieve one in good condition. Taking no time I strap it on, for precautions. Looking over the clothing of the bandits I quickly deduce these are no mere bandits. They have tactical clothing and gear but add things onto them to make it seem like they are bandits. Another odd thing is that they were all high born, at least the bodies we recovered. L1NGO tells me that these men are probably part of the same family.

So what we have here is a highly trained group of pilots that made it seem like they were bandits, but why? Was this all just to rob the passengers? But then why did only one plane suicide bomb into our cabin? It had to be because we were on this zeppelin; someone was trying to take us out. Uncle Tovan was right, our family was in danger. This realization weighed heavy on me and when I told my brothers it seemed to weigh on them too. We assisted the engineers in any way we could as we tried to get the Sky Lady operational enough to continue our journey to Tammervile.

Jack's Journal - Episode 8

We were walking to Keod when grig flouted on a raft. They had their weapons out. I asked them why they had their weapons out. They said that there were bad grig and murk bears. So we continued with our journey.

We made camp an big fallen oak. I snuck in to Kal’s tent again. then I set off the alarm in Dower’s backpack. Then I ran under the bed and then Dower came and then Dower grabbed a sword and stabbed it in the bed. I was punished and had to do two watches. Thats when the bad grig attached us. there were archers and warriors. I turned in to the beast and beat all the grig. The witch told me to dig a hole. So I did.


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