Engines in the Dark

L1ngo44 Memory Transcript

We start our journey today at the Garden Flower. Once pristine and beautiful, now an old and deprecated shell of it’s former glory. We haven’t been here a full minute and already Master Jack as wandered off in search of trinkets and toys of which to “borrow”. I still don’t completely understand why the young masters choose to keep him in our company, but he is with us none the less and it is my duty to serve him as the young masters wish.

Master Officer Reave has given me a most glorious gift! A new arm. I must admit, I’ve grown quite fond of my current ligaments over the years and it will hurt to see my old arm that has served me so well over the years cast aside, but if this new battle ready arm will help me in my duties to protect and serve the Solta family then it is a small price to pay.

Master Officer Reave surprises me with his apparatus work! It has been long since I’ve seen someone so stilled in the inter workings of apparatus. And to do so without the formal training that has been lost over the centuries is even more astounding. With some slight aid here or there he was able to fit me with my new arm to which
there is no doubt that it is now my own. There is still much hope in the Solta family.

The brothers continue to bicker and fight, even in the shadow of their father’s passing. He would be so disappointed to see them now. Maybe there is something I don’t understand and they do this out of affection rather then disdain, but alas, I could not know for certain. I will continue to do my best to shape them into the nobleman their father had wished for them to become. I will not fail him or the Solta family.

Master Vohn almost allowed himself to be seen among-st the common folk on our way to the Shining City! I can not allow this. In order for the Solta family to stay within the lofty ranks of the houses the masters must be ever vigilant to to not let their status sway. Especially in this dark hour. I will watch the young Master Jack in Master Vohn’s place. It is tragically unbecoming of an apparatus of my status to be among these poor souls, but I must do what is necessary for the preservation of the young masters and the Solta house.



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