Engines in the Dark

The Reave Report - Log 8

Before I left the Descended’s residence he gave me an antique apparatus forearm telling me to install it on L1NGO. It was bulky yet sturdier then his current arm but it was had a protruding box that shot out crossbow bolts. Perfect, I can finally get him to be more effective in fights. The Descended gave me a few tips before sending me on my way.

Eventually it dawned on me that I had no clue where my brothers and traveling cohorts went. Figures since it seemed like everything was going a little too well. I set off down to Keod’s tower to the lower levels and asking around to the guards if they had seen them. It was a slow process at first but I finally began getting some solid leads until I found myself at The Guardian Flower hotel. This place had definitely seen some better days. As I walked up to my traveling companions I noticed little Jak was nowhere to be found. I asked the only person that would know where he ran off to L1NGO told me he went into a large storage cabinet. My brothers were busy getting us rooms for the night so it was my job to wrangle up the Grigg. Walking to the cabinet I could hear him shuffling around so I began to rap on the door. This of course draws the attention to a guard so I inform him that a child was in there. The guard reaches in and pulls out a gaudy metal helmet with Jak attached to it and he immediate runs away. After some yelling and coordinating on the guards’ part they were able to catch Jak and bring him over to us. One of these men try and reprimand us for not keeping an eye on our Grigg pet, I sternly tell him this could have all been avoided if they kept a better eye on this closet and locked it. That seemed to get the point across nicely.

Soon after we are escorted to our rooms and of course there is an argument about sleeping arrangements. Eventually it is decided that Vohn, Drassic, L1NGO and I will share one and Kal, Dower, Jak and Rance will stay in the other. I definitely got the better room. Immediate I set to work on installing this new arm on L1NGO with his assistance. The tips from my Descended friend paid off nicely but it was slow work taking me all night. I was so focused on my work that I nearly missed Vohn bringing me dinner, what a good brother I have. As everyone was stirring from their beds I finally completed the installation, everything working flawlessly of course. It didn’t hit me until I stood up to stretched how tired I was but sleep would have to wait because we Solta’s had a Zeppelin to catch. While washing up and making myself presentable I could hear a ruckus from the other room with Dower of all people yelling, great just what I wanted to deal with no sleep. Without a word I enter Kal’s room, assess that Jak is terrorizing him and Dower and quickly grab him by the scruff of his neck and walk outside. To my complete surprise he falls relaxed and quiet. Perfect. Soon I’m joined by everyone else and we proceed to the upper level of the tower.

This is about the time I started to worry about just how we will be getting our tickets to The Shinning City. We didn’t have the money but we did have one thing, me. I could use my Brotherhood pull to get us on that zeppelin. I tell everyone my plan and they seemed to agree that this would work. So I pull up all my confidence and march straight to the front of the line and explain our situation, not giving much of anything other than my name, badge number and destination. Another gentleman who seemed to be a supervisor gave us our tickets to ride the Sky Lady, just like that. Well except for a little hiccup on how many lower class passes we needed. Apparently both Drassic and Rance had papers of nobility. Now call me crazy but Rance a nobleman, I doubt it but if that’s what he wants to do I’ll just turn a blind eye to it. Grigg though can in no way, shape or form ride in the top with the nobility which seemed to upset Jak. Then Vohn suggested he ride with him in the commoner area which seemed to upset L1NGO. Our apparatus pleaded with his youngest master to let him ride with Jak and Vohn reluctantly obliged. I know he was worried for his little Grigg but it was the right thing to do. As we took our seat in what seemed to be the best seats in the Zeppelin I couldn’t help but smile at my brilliance with the execution of my plan. We toasted over Sky Champagne and within seconds of finishing my glass I was fast asleep tired from all the work I had done.

Nothing is ever this easy, ever. I’m roused from my seat by some turbulence or at least that was what I thought until I heard the explosions. I looked out the window and I saw small propeller aircrafts wheeling around and tossing bombs and shooting what appeared to be thundergrips. Before I could get my bearings a bomb went off and threw us all to the floor. The wall of glass had been blown out. I shook off the blast and looked for the nearest plane, shooting a Thyr bolt through glass and sending it down to the earth. That was extremely satisfying. Everyone else was running out of the room as I took a few more shoots at these sky bandits with less luck then the first. I look around for another plane and notice one fly straight at our cabin, without hesitation I grab Dower and throw us outside of the room. A huge explosion rocking me to the core as the plane slammed into our cabin. Another shockwave I try to shake off as I look around and see my brothers, Drassic and Rance engaging the bandits. They seemed to be robbing the other passengers. I see one of the bandits looking as if he’s about to jump from one of the holes. Taking aim I snipe his head clean off his shoulders but his corpses tumbles out into the sky taking the other passenger’s belongings with him. At least I tried. Oddly as the body tumbled a flying apparatus seemed to pop out of his pack and he began to glide. I try and ponder this but am thrown to the floor once again by a blast, this time it takes me a while to get to my feet.

The battle seemed to be over; I couldn’t see or hear anymore explosions of propeller planes. As I try and assess what just happened Jak climbs in from one of the blasted holes. Seems like he smelled a fight and tried his damnedest to get to it. Moment later L1NGO walks in with a handful of Grigg behind him. If it wasn’t for the fact we were just attacked in midair and the zeppelin nearly destroyed this would have severe consequences. The engineers begin to rope down from the cockpit, most start delivering first aid to the injured passengers.

I start my investigation, first trying to find one of these glider packs. After poking around at a few of the dead bandits I’m able to retrieve one in good condition. Taking no time I strap it on, for precautions. Looking over the clothing of the bandits I quickly deduce these are no mere bandits. They have tactical clothing and gear but add things onto them to make it seem like they are bandits. Another odd thing is that they were all high born, at least the bodies we recovered. L1NGO tells me that these men are probably part of the same family.

So what we have here is a highly trained group of pilots that made it seem like they were bandits, but why? Was this all just to rob the passengers? But then why did only one plane suicide bomb into our cabin? It had to be because we were on this zeppelin; someone was trying to take us out. Uncle Tovan was right, our family was in danger. This realization weighed heavy on me and when I told my brothers it seemed to weigh on them too. We assisted the engineers in any way we could as we tried to get the Sky Lady operational enough to continue our journey to Tammervile.



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