Engines in the Dark

Vohn's journal 10

We finally arrived at our hotel in Silhann. Not ten minutes there and we’re accused of theft. Jack took a liking to a retired Vosir’s money bag. Reave was quick to grab Jack’s weak spot, and he froze up. We paid the blind Vosa back, and apologized. The Vosa told Jack there’s an oven they toss law-breaking Grigg into. I think that got through to him pretty well.

We’re on our final leg of our trip! The zeppelin arrived early, and we’ve managed to get a good spot. Jack has managed to cut his hands up terribly. He thought a vase was full of diamonds, and one thing led to another, now Drassic is wrapping his hands up tightly.

Hex pointed out a group from the Grith family. Everyone was avoiding them, which is weird considering their family rules the empire. Hex said they had been shunned, apprently that part of the family had done something so terrible socially that they were prevented from being interacted with, lest your status go down as well. I wanted to talk to them, I felt like they shouldn’t all be left out for something someone else in their group did. Reave grabbed my shoulder and told me it’s better to avoid them, that we don’t need the extra problems.

Upon arriving at the Shining city we moved around miles of stairs. I had my head up most of the time, taking in all these imaginable sights. Giant statues every block, entire unused rooms full of furniture and old paintings. We rushed and got Jack a license so he can continue to be with us. After another couple of hours of going up and down stairs, we arrived at House Solta’s base. The remnants of a tower, with man a tent and temporary shelter. While I’m used to this hunting, this isn’t what a high house’s base of operations should look like. They’re even growing grapes for our wine on the bridge that connects it!

We met the head of our family, Aethir Solta Jessic. She introduced us to several of our family members, and told us the funeral would be tomorrow. She also told us to prepare to make an appearance at a ball, tonight.

Before she left she gave mail to both Reave and Kal. Reave has new orders to ship out after the funeral, and Kal has another Vode offer. I’m happy my brothers are getting to do what they trained for for years. However, it’s sinking in again that they’re leaving soon. I went years without seeing them, but bonding over a zeppelin crash and other near death experiences, it’s been amazing. But I have to realize, we’re on different paths. Kal will be fighting for a noble’s honor, Reave guarding the thyr thats let’s us see, and Jack and I will be heading back to Ciderton, to… I don’t know.

I have one plan and that’s courting Kurra. After that, I have no ideas. I have never really thought about it, but if I’m going to provide and raise a family, I don’t think woodsman and hunter in Ciderton are going to do it. I have a lot of thinking to do on our way back. Who knows, maybe Jack will have some ideas of what we can do.



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