Engines in the Dark

Vohn's Journal 8 & 9

A month ago I could never say I’ve been this far outside of Ciderton. Then again, a month ago I could also say I’ve never seen a man-servant floating around the ceiling. Kal is trying to hide what ever Happened to Dower, or rather, what Dower did to make him like this.

Dower cost us three days because he decided to try a drug. It’s been about a week since we left for the Shinign City for our fathers funeral, and that’s not important to Dower. No, getting up on drugs and possibly getting us in trouble, that’s what matters to Dower. I told Kal to leave him. He’ll probably get another when he finally gets a vode. Dower is lucky Aethyr Solta Hex arrived.

Hex told us about a hotel we could safely stay at, not a drug den we were apparently staying at. Sure enough, one wretch, i’m assuming on drugs himself, starting yelling us, claiming we took his drugs! He swung for me, and I knocked him out. Thankfully Reave’s position in the law makes scenarios of dealing with these figures much easier. We took a detour to the constables to drop off this Thyr-head. A short investigation later we find out he’s been here before, a lot.

We leave, knowing that whatever JAck, L1ngo or Kal did to that man, it didn’t matter anymore.

After we arrived at our new hotel, which is immense, Kal took some time to take me shopping. I really appreciate the gesture, but these city clothes, they’re, uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, the fabric is great, their sizes perfect, but they don’t feel good. They don’t feel right. I really do appreciate what Kal is doing, trying to make it so I represent our family well int he court, but these clothes are so expensive they better last the rest of my life.

I wrote another letter to Kurra. Hopefully my time in the shining city is short. My father was a great man, and i’m sure his funeral will reflect that. But honestly, I’m getting homesick, and these large cities are, quite honestly, starting to put me off.

Three days have passed, and Dower is still on the ceiling like a moth to a flame. I almost feel sorry for him. Then again, I almost let him float off several times.

I spoke with Hex a bit about Silhann, our last stop before the shining city. Apparently there have been storms raging for over 80 years, non stop. I like the rain, it’s fun to go hunting in., but 80 years straight? Why bother living there?

Jack was lucky enough to be let on board the top floor of the zeppelin because we put his collar and leash on. We also got a really nice tour of the zeppelin with a stewardess and met the captain. Apparently saying it’s my friends birthday is the best way to get cool stuff.

Dower finally awoke. Screaming. At the top of his lungs. in the luggage compartment. int he giant trunk Kal placed him in. Did I mention Kal bought a giant trunk with straps to keep him in so we weren’t found to have an idiot in our group that took green lotus. Kal seems to be doing better, now that he has his man-servant running his menial tasks again.

I told Dower “It’s nice to have you back, you useless thyr-head.” I think I made him cry. He got busy helping Kal prepare for some dance for Yoeman’s day. Another Vosir was on the airship, ready to strut his stuff as well. Found out later it was Kal’s old rival from school.

After their fighting dance -off, the two got to talk to the crowd. Aethyr Senick Torris approached Reave. Theyy had a pleasant discussion about, well just about everything. Apparently this Sennick doesn’t get too far out of the light, so Ciderton was something completely new to him. He seemed pleasant, quite the opposite of the othe rSenick’s we’ve met.

A couple of hours later, after the Yoeman festivities died down, Kal cam eback in his small-clothes, not his armor. Apparently he had made great friends with a woman. A Sennick woman. The daughter of Torris of all women. Reave and I made him apologize to Sennick. Though it was Reave who did the most talking.

In Ciderton, the worst I had to worry about was losing my catch to a thief, or a couple coins in a game. There weren’t thugs, nor people who actively tried to kill you for your possessions. Silhann has left a very memorable taste in my mouth.

We tried to follow a man to a hotel he said was cheap, and as funds were incredibly low, we agreed to go. Not two minutes later I’m shooting a giant who called himself “El Beefo” int he face. Kal sliced a man en twain, and proceeded to knock back the rest of the thugs surrounding Rance and Drassic. Reave managed to kill the head of this little group, after I blasted his hand off with a thundegrip. Since the guards were on their way, I emptied the thundergrip and dropped it onto one of the bodies. Better a dead thug caught with a thundergrip, than me bringing any shame to our family, or losing a hand.

The guards understood our situation and even gave us reward money for taking out these thugs. That is after Jack, who was again in the form of the hairy beast, was calmed back before the guards killed him on the spot.

Lessons are usually painful, and sometimes because you yourself did something stupid to set yourself up for failure. This is what we did. We’re sitting at our new hotel, two days away from leaving. I cannot wait to see the Shining City. I can’t wait to see my father gain, though I wish I would have been able to speak to him again.



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