Engines in the Dark

Vohn's journal - part 7

After an exhausting trip into Keod, we’ve finally come across a place we can stay comfortably. I swear this trip ahas made Kal more finnicky about his living conditions. We’re on the road, not in the comforts of home, sharing rooms is to be expected.

Since we’ve started leaving Ciderton a house name that has been bugging me is house Sennick. They own the Vosir that wanted Tovan dead. They mysteriously appear here when we arrive. Something isn’t right. So I used their name to sign into the hotel. The name “Senick Jeffrey Wilkinson” will be in their books, and shoudl any trouble arise, that will be all they know of us.

The highlight of this sad trip has been reuniting with Kurra. I took the advise of Drassic and took off after dinner to the area where she supposedly lived. My brothers mistakenly tasked me with keeping most of our available funds. Love is a good enough reason to spend money, isn’t it? Well, after nearly breaking into a flower shop, I thought I would have an easy time. That is until three thieves tried to ruin my night.

They tried to steal my money, and kill me. I tried to hold back from finishing a horrible deed when I knocked them out. Knocked two out. I may have killed one by punching a dagger into him. I didn’t stick around to check, my time was limited.

I finally got to meet with Kurra after her father, Durra’s window was the one I accidentally threw stones at. I had a magical night, we talked about our lives, and told her that I hoped to be back just after my fathers funeral. I hope to return and if thing sgo my way, maybe stay in Keod while I court her further.

I don’t know what magic Reave has, or what luck is on his side, but he managed to get us free tickets to the zeppelin – I found out later we were given free tickets by the shinning city for the funeral-

Our ride was short, not long after we took off we were attacked. Somehow these men were able to fly along our ship, and caused explosions I had never even hear of being possible. They began to take money and belongings from the passengers, and using thundergrips for their weapon. We incapacitated some, and killed others. I stole and used a thundergrip to ruin the life o one man who was threatening a woman. We’re settled in our ship for now, but scared this isn’t the last time we’ll be under attack before we reach the Shining city. We foun some scraps of paper that hinted people knew we would be on the lines, and whoever knew that, knew it was a prime time to attack our family at it’s most vulnerable.



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