Aethir Kantha Avalar

The Maimed Vosir


Aethir Kantha Avalar was a promising young Vosir, the shining star of a generation at the Vosir Academy. (Earning the High Blade title of his graduation.

He served House Kantha with honor and duty (and spectacle) until he was tragically injured by Vosir Ratha Khalwon, who cut off his right arm in a duel. Legendarily, Avalar bowed to Khalwon, and “I submit to you, Sir” before collapsing.

This didn’t stop Avalar from attempting to continue his role as a Vosir; he won the next 8 duels before being defeated by Vosir Kleff in a bloody battle. (Kleff seemingly won by kicking Avalar into a fire; Kleff later died of critical wounds.)

Avalar lost both his legs in that battle, and sadly relinquished his title as Vosir.

He has 2 fingers and his thumb on his left hand, and while he was once a handsome man, his face is a roadmap of scars.

Today, his is a well-known and well-liked member of Court, seen at all of the events being pushed in a gilded wheelchair by his Nain Augan.

Avalar has a keen mind and a superb sense of humor, and he continues to gossip with Courtiers, and ignoring his detractors. (Who call him “the Cripple.”)


Aethir Kantha Avalar

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