Aethir Solta Grith

The High Hunter of Aethiria


Aethir Solta Grith had been the High Hunter of Aethiria for over 25 years, and by all accounts, his tenure has been quite a success. Grith outlived the last 4 High Huntsman, combined. He was eventually ended by the Black Lion of Greypool.

Grith defeated:

  • The Foul Crows of Ciderton.
  • The Swine of Currah.
  • The Ghost of Issol Forest.
  • The Devil of Samyr.
  • The Worm of Gollah.
  • The Wolves of Shail.
  • The Black Lion of Greypool. (Which has injured him, gravely.)

Grith is the leader of the Hounds of the Hunt, his party of slayers. (You can’t do this kind of work alone, and live very long.)

Grith grew up in the little town of Ciderton, outside of The Shining City in the Radiant Ring. He picked apples and explored the valley there, with his best friend Besh Olan, and currently maintains a residence there.

Grith married Lady Aethir Yoan Kirrah in Y669; to date they have had 5 children.

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Aethir Solta Grith

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