Aethir Yoan Kirrah

Devoted mother and wife of the High Huntsman


Lady Kirrah is the wife of Aethir Solta Grith, and has spent the last 2 decades raising her 5 children in the quite town of Ciderton. While many wondered why a Lady would go to such a place, such a dim place, Kirrah knew that it would be the right place to raise her brood. After all, Ciderton is the childhood home of her husband.

As a Girl

As a girl, Kirrah loved poetry, music, and dancing; she was accomplished in each of the disciplines, no doubt leading her to catch the attention of a dashing Sola Grith. They had a rather quick courtship and wedding, as Grith was a rising star in the Court, and soon was traveling to distant towns to defeat this beast or that.

The Last Decade

Over the last decade Lady Kirrah has had a number of breaks, where she has begun to lose connection to the living world. At first, it just seemed like she was having a series of manic (poetic) episodes, but today, she flutters in and out of consciousness.

Lord Grith has been unable to visit Kirrah much in recent years, as the demands of the High Huntsman have grown into a steady cacophony.

As always, she is taken care of by Matron Gelt Etier, who now oversees the entire household, including the Children.

Aethir Yoan Kirrah

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