Black Corsair

The pirate of Volo Canal


“The Black Corsair swept in with his ships, and pulled down everything from the docks – freight, folks, and even looted all of the nearby shops. He was gone before the alarm even sounded.” – Unknown

The Black Corsair is famous in all of the Empire, for his thefts of daring. While no-one knows his true name, tales of this scoundrel’s “robberies” are retold again and again.

That said, he’s no saint; hundreds of died at his, or his crew’s hand; they are clearly terrorists taking from any who is within reach.

The Black Corsair has targeted the Volo Canal as his bounty; he strikes about once per month, somewhere in the canal along The Block. Due to the length of the Canal, there’s little chance of catching him soon.

Black corsair


Black Corsair

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