Druuth Galem

The great wyrm


“When Druuth Galem winged over us, the sky turned black, and we were struck with a storm that whipped up 3 powerful tornadoes. I’ll never forget the sight of that Wyrm, and I’ll never stop thanking him for flying over our town, and away.” – Rolann Pagga.

Everyone knows the stories of Druuth Galem, the mightiest wyrm (dragon) that the world has ever seen.

It was defeated (and then harnessed) by Volo the Maker, a rather powerful Thyrmaster. He used the power of the wyrm to create the Volo Canal, and to defeat the ancient cities of Ebrran Thooth, and Eeleel.

Everyone also knows that Druuth Galem eventually devoured Volo, and flew off to the North.


Druuth Galem

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