Rance Hyko

My kind of scum


Well, jest fekk ’em.

Rance Hyko used to be a member of the Dark Warders, but when Telgrath Station fell, he retreated into the deeps, in an effort to escape the oncoming Murk Army.

He’s not a tall man, but he looks quite strong and fairly dangerous. He has a weeping wound that never seems to heal over his eye, and he’s missing a few teeth. He’s never been called “handsome”.

Rance is usually dirty, with scrapped leather armor (with many holes), cruddy boots, and he smells of beer even when he’s not drinking. “It’s me curse.”

Rance is very appreciative of being rescued out of “da Murk hole”, and he feels some loyalty to his “Princes”.


  • “Nancy” – His pitted bodkin. It’s chipped, rusty, and rather wicked looking.
  • A pouch full of rusty nails. (He always has them.)
  • Enough money for beer.
  • His own wooden beer mug. It’s the only thing he’ll drink out of.
  • A filthy Murk Mask and filter system.
  • A dog’s skull. (“Me dag Waller. He died”) The only thing that could make him cry.

He refers to the Sons of Solta as “my Princes.”



Rance Hyko

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