Engines in the Dark

The Reave Report - Log 7

We awoke the next morning greeted by a beautiful day, well except for L1NGO, he somehow was left outside and froze from the cold. Unthawing him took some time but after a hour or so in front of the fire he was good to go. As we left the Grigg’s squatting cabin we were accompanied by five of them. The walk was pretty uneventful except for the raft filled of Grigg that floated by that were well armed. Jakk yelled after them and they barked back to be cautious of “Bad” Grigg and bears. I smirk knowing whatever had scared them wouldn’t be much of any danger that my traveling companions and I couldn’t deal with. By midafternoon we came upon a giant hole and I immediately know that this was caused by a tunnel collapse. This far out though, have the diggers really been able to reach this far out? Truly a disturbing though but we press forward on our way to Keod.

Before sunset we make our camp near a large fallen tree, this should give us enough protection from the elements. We all take turns on watch, Kal elects he and Dower do the first watch. Every time Kal does this I always know there is an ulterior motive there, probably so he can sleep longer. But it didn’t take much time before something went awry because soon after Kal and Dower’s watch began an alarm was sound. Oddly enough this noise was coming from inside Kal’s tent and by the time I entered I notice a sword sticking through the bed and Dower berating little Jak. He snuck into the tent again, big surprise there, and tried to open Dower’s pack which was alarmed, that actually was pretty surprising. I punish Jak by making him stay on watch with Kal which he seemed to enjoy. The kid needs discipline and I for one will not spoil this child.

It only felt like a moment I’d been asleep before I’m awake again, this time by Vohn. Annoyed I get up and climb up the large fallen tree and ask why I had been summoned. Vohn tells me there is a group of Grigg out in the distance but making their way towards us. I tell him not to worry until they get closer but I stay up anyway just as precaution. As I sit on the log watching out into the darkness, the wind whizzing by me. Odd, I thought, the wind picking up like this is small spurts. Then it dawns on me that arrows are being shot at me and in an instant I put my hand on Vohn and fall back to the ground bring him with me.
Upon hitting the ground I look up and notice a Grigg poke his head up over the tree and immediate blast it off his shoulders. As Vohn yells for our companions to come to our aid more and more of the little demons begin throwing themselves into our camp. Our campsite erupts into chaos as we clash with these murk infected Grigg, these must’ve been what those rafting Grigg warned us about. They used their numbers to confuse and overwhelm us, tripping and trying to tie us up but we kept fight. I rained down the furry of the Light of Lady Thyr herself on these monsters. Through everything that was going on I was able to notice Kal tussling with what appeared to be a Grigg Shaman, Drassic being tripped to the ground by a pair of cunning Grigg, Rance doing his best impersonation of whatever Grigg believe Death is, Jak transforming into his giant Beast and dining on our enemy and Vohn clutching his chest. After shooting a murk beast and his friend into his fire, Kal yells out and runs for Vohn. He seemed severally wounded as my eldest dragged his body through the battlefield; I provided cover fire doing my best to shoot the archers from the trees.

As the battle died down with Rance and Beast-Jak taking down the remainders of our enemies as they fled for their lives my attention on my youngest brother. The arrow seemed to hit close to his heart and deep. We didn’t have the means to heal him; things were looking bleak until Drassic stepped forward with his lute. He strummed and sang, I noticed my Thyr meter spiking, and slowly the arrow rose up and out of his chest. It was nothing short of amazing, a mere man being able to summon Thyr like that, I was impressed by Drassic. Maybe he was more than what he seemed but whatever he was I was grateful to have him with us. As everyone else attended to Vohn I walked out to clean up our camp and this is when I thought about the five Grigg that accompanied up, they didn’t make it through the battle. Beast-Jak was sitting near the fire chomping into his Grigg brethren so I began to set the corpses in a pile near him with the help of Mr. Hyko. Intermixed with the Grigg was a body of a Bird-Man that we had encountered before. It makes sense they would be here since the Grigg were infected. After cleaning up a bit more and Beast-Jak deciding to turn in for the night I checked on my brother once more before heading off to bed exhausted.

The next morning was another beautiful day and a truly blessed one seeing Vohn up and walking. After cleaning up the camp we hit the road once more though slower then I’d like since my brother was still wounded. Nearly the entire day we walked, Vohn was losing strength when we happened upon what seemed to be a farm. As we approached the door a woman greeted us with her Thundergrip and large Mastiff named Gilmore. We asked for her help and to use her barn for the night, she seemed hesitant but eventually agreed as long as we would do some chores around the property. No need to ask me twice, at this point I would do anything to sleep in a place with a roof. Her name was Iliesse and she was quite plain looking.

After putting our belongings in the barn we set to work on the chores, Rance and I begin chopping wood. Rance Hyko is a dangerously hilarious individual, that’s all that needs to be said about that man. As the sun sets Iliesse calls us for dinner which for me was a surprise but was most welcomed. I notice Kal approaching form the barn dressed in all white and laugh as I realize he was trying to portray the Winter Prince. As I walk into the house and wash my hands I notice that Drassic has shaved. Putting two and two together I smiled knowing it was going to be a dinner and a show. We were served a very simple meal of potato soup and fresh bread, it was delicious the first hot meal in ages. This is when Kal and Drassic began the tug of war for Ms. Iliesse. Words were rhymed, a battle of the hearts and pride were fought then a final card was played. Kal called for Dower to present Iliesse with a present, the rare Delving Blossom Wine. To be honest I was a bit angry with my elder brother bringing out such a treasure for a commoner like this woman but on the other hand it made me laugh knowing how desperate he was. As I sipped on my cup of Delving and Rance remarking how he’s never fucked her this was truly a great meal. Drassic left early defeated and after a while the rest of us left except for Kal who had a twinkle in his eye.

The next morning we went to the house for breakfast met by our brother standing shirtless on the porch the twinkle still lit in his eye. Drassic seemed to be in a sour mood. We conversed and ate, finally biding our goodbyes to Iliesse for being a most hospitable host. Our brother said goodbye to her privately and in short order we were back on the rode in better spirits. Well except for Drassic but that might’ve been from Kal rubbing his conquest in his face. The day was uneventful until we came to the Grib Township, a backwater hole of a town. The people, all though backwards and probably the product of incest were still nice and we spent our night at the Grinning Harpy Inn. Eep. Watching Dower trying to interact with the proprietor of this establishment was hilarious. Rance fit right in. My brother purchased some pipes from Walter who we met upon coming into the township. He seemed happy to sell his wares to us. Like I said, rather uneventful.

The next day after resting in our cramped small rooms we headed off to Keod and arrived there in no time. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a town larger than Ciderton, it felt good. First order of business was to check into Keod’s branch of The Brotherhood since it’s been sometime since I’ve spoken to any of my superiors. Vohn begrudgingly followed even though I’m sure he wanted to find Kerra. As we made our way up to the fifth floor we ran into a familiar and deadly face, Vosir Dorian Khoors. Kal called after him and I tried to talk with him but his nobleman coldly cut us off. I don’t like that man, whoever he was. After a tense moment they moved on and we sent Jak to follow after stealthily.

Once on the fifth floor it was easy to find the office of The Brotherhood after talking to the secretary I was quicky sent to the Commissioner’s room. His name was Roland Rull, he was a very stern man like more in his position, imposing yet calm. We talked a bit and I gave him the short version of what has happened to me in these months since I’ve been away from The Brotherhood. He was very understanding even when I told him about using my Thyr glove for offensive capabilities. His only order was for me, once I had arrived at the Capitol, to get my orders and become an officer. Before I left I asked him to keep a look out for the parts we needed for the Thyr Generator in Ciderton, he told me he’d do his best. Also he was sending me a monk to help fix my glove, I told the Commissioner foolishly to have the monk meet me at the Umber Inn. I remember being so nervous about checking in but Commissioner Rull put me at ease and made me realize how much I missed my Brotherhood Activities.

After leaving the office we decided to grab a room at this Umber Inn. One quick look inside and a small talk with the desk girl had us quckly walking out, too rich for our blood. As the rest of the party went to go look for better and cheaper lodging I stayed behind to meet up with the Descended. He arrived in quick order and he was much more whimsical than any other I had met before. This monk had me follow him as he asked me strange prodding questions about The Light, the meaning of good, and a lot of existential thing. He told me a little about himself as we arrived at his workshop situated just under the light of Keod, above the airship hanger. He wanted to be promoted to work in the Capitol on the Emperors engine, this humanized him to me a bit. Then we got to work, he had me take off my glove and started tinkering. He imparted me wisdom on the mechanics of my glove, how to heal and keep my skin strong. It was odd how easily he disarmed me and made me feel at ease. I have a feeling Keod will be nothing less but interesting for my brothers and I.

Off we go (kal)

So today we leave ciderton I have been here much longer than I expected to and event though so much has gone wrong here I’m also reminded how much I miss home. I think tisk has the towns best interest at heart and there may be hope for ciderton yet. We must set way to keoid and from there we will embark to the shinning city other then some cold weather I don’t foresee any problem I should make sure to have dower pack my snow shoes. I don’t know what I am going to say at my fathers funeral I’m not the best at public speaking maybe reave will do most the talking he’s better at that kind of stuff.

Jack's Journal - Episode 7

we are heading to the shining city. Soltas have lost there dad. The witch keeps talking to me. I think the more I turn in to monster the more I stay one. We were attacked by ice monsters. They were ghost like creatures that were heard to kill. we made a bad camp fire.

The Reave Report - Log 6

Log 6
I tend to think back a lot on what Tovan Archus told my brothers and I those weeks ago. Our family is in danger but more importantly our father had been mortally wounded by The Black Lion of Greypool. I pushed the thought far from my mind and focus on saving our little town but when I was alone and with only my thoughts it always crept in and took hold. It all seems so distant now, our new company, Rance Hyko, dancing and sing drunkenly in the Burning Crow when the horns blew. Chaos ensued as we emptied to bar into the streets and went to Kugg as he was issuing commands. Something didn’t seem right as we went to guard the back gates as the red cloaks ran forward off to certain doom.

A short time pasted, the yelling stopped and then what we thought was the enemy marched into the town without resistance. The glaives had arrived just when everything looks it’s bleakest. These men were from 318th division under the leadership of Colonel Athrus Strais. They called themselves “The Far Walkers” very fitting if you ask me coming so far out from what I perceived to be the loving gaze of the Shining City. The hopefully feeling did not last long as we were asked to a meeting with the Colonel and Meister Tisk. Colonel Strais gave the news I have been dreading that our father, the High Huntsman, had passed. My brothers and I sat there numbed by the news as we were told we’d have to get to the Capitol as soon as possible to attend the funeral and for us to not worry about Ciderton, it was in good hands.

Once we walked out of Tisk’s home the next two days were a blur of just going through the motions of preparing for our journey to the Capitol. Kal decided to tell mother of father’s passing but I don’t believe he went through with it. We set off in the dead of winter following the trail to Keod with not only Rance in tow but Drassic as well.

The first night I realize just how unprepared we are for this. The bitter cold left nearly all of us, save for Vohn and L1NG0, in Kal’s precious tent to try and brace the night. I was nearly asleep when Vohn let out a cry for help and we all ran out to offer assistance. As I passed through the door I see Vohn tangling with an icy skeleton of a man but something out of the corner of my eyes catches my attention. I turn and face a phantom of sorts, pale blue as cold itself and shrieking. I fire my first shot but the phantom uses a shield of some sort to absorb the Thyr then I’m hit with a bolt of frost and sent down to my knee. I was barely able to move, the cold keeping me locked down to the snow as I send Thyr blasts forth trying to end the battle quickly. The last thing I remember was hitting the ghost true then it released its energy and I felt myself being blown back.

The next morning every movement I made ached my body as we gathered up the camp to make another days walk. Our company was worse for wear and we decided to end the march early today and take shelter. Off the river we find a cabin that had been invaded by Grigg and Vohn bartered for them to let us stay the day. As I made my bed with the rest of my group the only thought on my mind was how are we going to be able to survive our journey to Keod.

Vohn's journal - part 6

It has taken some time, but the Warglaives have finally arrived. I thought we may receive 10 or so of these famed warriors. Instead we welcomed dozens. Maester Tisk welcomed us to meet the man protecting our town from this day on, Colonel Aethrim Strais. His armor was similar to Tovan’s, which made me wonder if Tovan made it to the Shining City, or if he still lived.

Strais had good news, but the worst news we wanted to hear. Father was dead.

I had tried to prepare myself, Tovan did say his wounds were grievous. But still, hearing that left me speechless. Reave had the fortitude to finish the conversation. I’m glad he and Kal are able to say what needs to be said when I cannot.

We were to make for the Shining City as soon as possible for Father’s funeral. I didn’t dare tell my mother, she can barely stand and breathe, hearing this news may bring her down as well.

Perhaps realizing death was close to us again, Kal set his servant nane, up with Shiel. Honestly, it was good to laugh as Kal tried to be an awkward wingman. While at the Burning Crow we learned that the Glaives were attacked by murk bears.

What started as my brothers, Jack and I, turned into a convoy. Lingo and Rance joined quickly, followed stealthily by Drassic. Though I don’t hate the company, It’s more than I rationed for, and it’s more people to make sure are keeping up in this weather.

During our first nights camp I was unwelcome into Kal’s tent, but since Rance didn’t have a tent and Drassic’s tent wasn’t good enough, they were allowed in. Lingo and myself kept watch over the fire. As Blue ice began to form, the fire went out, and Lingo froze in place. As a sword was sung at me I called for help from the comfortable campers. The skeletons attacking us broke into a blue mist when struck, but the ghosts, they wouldn’t be hurt until our weapons from Killzee struck them. I don’t think I’ll ever say it to Kal’s face, but getting these weapons from Killzee was a good idea.

The next day was spent trying to find some form of civilization, a town, a hut, anything, to spend the night in. We came upon a small house, and we heard some sounds. It ended up being a house taken over by Grig. I paid for us to sleep the night there, and tomorrow our journey to Kiod begins again.



I’m sorry I was unable to say goodbye, but a family emergency arose, and we had to leave immediately. I’ve found my town, my home, may no longer be safe. I dream of seeing you again, but I fear trouble and family will not allow it.

If you wish to write, do not hesitate, I will stay in Ciderton as long as possible. If not there I fear Ciderton may fall to the Torch Clan. If that happens, we may go to the Shining City. I hope we can see each other soon, and hopefully for a much longer time.

Jack's Journal - More Deep Battles

I was hurt. I needed help. then we found the witch. She held me and healed me.

We went back beneath Ciderton, and we fought more Diggers. Suddenly I had turned in to a terrible beast! I had horns and I was very hairy. I fought and ate the beasts I killed.

I had killed many beasts and then I turned back into Jack.

Kals journal

Ciderton will fall,this idea has been pushing its way to the front of my thoughts for days now.

The more I learn , the more I see ,the more it consumes me.

We have been fighting the Murk for longer than I care to remember and we have been successful but with every enemy slain the threat grows.

I used to think of these things as animals,stupid and uncivilized but I faced my greatest foe to date in those tunnels and it almost killed me. It wasn’t his strength or his speed , that almost did me in.he was smart he could fight with the intellect of a vosir and so the idea continues, Ciderton will fall.

The question is:

  • Who is next ?
  • How many towns must share this fate?
  • What about the shining city?

Then the idea evolves.

Vohn's Journal - part 5

The Thyr witch Valar has visited us. She and her Kelpie sat atop our house for who knows how long, waiting for us. She was willing to heal Jack, but mentioned a price. Apparently it wasn’t monetary.

Since we have the only murk breathable masks, we’ve been tasked with going below and rooting out the diggers and creatures below. I thought it was only a small tunnel dug outside of town, and then extended well underneath. I was horribly wrong. In our journey below we found the diggers and other defenders of these caves, pre-occupied. They were running back and forth, and the sound soft fighting echoed from a room to our right.

While Kal and Reave charged forward, Jack and I stayed back to protect them from the other diggers slowly entering the cave. I lost track of Jack and was welcomed to the sight of a frightening hairy and tall beast. It was only attacking the diggers, so I focused on them as well. After the fight, it just stood there, looking around. Then another unexpected face arrived. Rance Hyko, a man from above, was down here in a mask of his own. But he wasn’t from our town, he was from Telgrath.

Apparently he’s been down here for 6 months. Eating and using whatever he can steal or kill.

When things seemed to finally calm down, the giant beast slowly turned into Jack. I’m guessing the Thyr witch had more than just a repayment in mind. He was sound asleep when we heard bells being thrown at us. Soon two worms dug up from the ground and began attacking. Reave and Rance took care of the worms, while Kal and I took off after the one who threw the bells.

I tried to help Kal, but seemed to be in the way in that tight corner. Kal eventually bested the fighter, but realized he seemed to have a similar fighting stance, and used weapons similar to his. These weren’t the brute force mass produced weapons the diggers had, these were finely crafted, made to kill.

We left the tunnels again, my bow ending 6 lives. We treated Rance to a meal and cider, the least we could do for someone who hasn’t seen daylight for 6 months. He regaled his story of the thyr generator in his town going out about a year ago. How he and several others had masks when the town fell below, but over the months he lost track of them, and has been alone for some time. If anyone can help us map the tunnels and possibly make more masks, it’s this man.

He told us one horrible fact though. The tunnels he traveled in went from Telgrath to here. They went well beyond Telgrath, and could go beyond our city, towards Keod and others. This isn’t just an isolated attack, they are using who knows how many thousands of diggers and worms to create massive tunnels surrounding the shining cities outlying areas.

I cannot begin to fathom how unbelievable for others it will be, and how we can convince them the massive amount of help we need. Then I am reminded that the last time we needed help, our requests were denied, and those that were supposed to help were ambushed and killed.

Thyr help us.

The Reave Report - Log 5

With Ciderton in imminent danger we knew we needed to get Kugg on our side. After convincing him to accompany us into the Thyrmill much to his dismay. Another digger was hold up in the upstairs of the mill but one well placed Thyrbolt to his head dispatched him quickly. That is what made Kugg come around to our side, him seeing with his own eyes what we my brothers and I have been trying to tell him. Right then he promised to keep the entrance to the cavern guarded at all times. Or at least until we dispatched these diggers.

After some time talking we figured now was a good time to find out exactly how much of Ciderton had been dug under. Jak and Vohn, being the sneakiest in our little group, were chosen to be lowered down into the darkness with the breathing apparatus on. We decided on a pulls system in order for Kal, I and to a much lesser extent Dower to know wether to pull them up or keep lowering them. In the beginning everything was fine until they got into a little bit of a fight then I realized just how little we thought through our pull system. Eventually we pulled them up and they told us that further investigation would need to be done since they were only able to see a little bit of the cavern before the diggers knew of their intrusion.

Settling to go back down there as a group the next morning we went back home to rest up. Now for me resting means eating, relaxing and sleeping for Kal it means something entirely different. He spent the whole evening and night dedicated to mentally preparing himself for the battle ahead. When we met at the dinner table in the morning he was decked out in all white with white make up saved for red tear drops on his face. I was going to join in with Vohn in ribbing my brother but after seeing Kal attempt to knock him out I thought that now wasn’t the greatest time.

On our was back into the Thyrmill I made sure to grab L1NGO and Calibr8 so they could work on the Thyr node while we went to stop the threat under Ciderton. As always Calibr8 was excited to help me. Good to his word we ran into Kugg’s men watching over the opening in the floor. We opted to use a horn system instead of the pull one to let them know what was going on. One note for victory, two notes to pull us up, one long note for our group failing and two long notes for an invasion and to ready themselves. One by one we donned our breathing apparatus and roped down into the abyss.

I was surprised by just how vast the cavern was, maybe we were too late in saving Ciderton and this was all for nothing. Steeling my resolve I began to increase me speed further down until I spot a large enough area for my brothers and I to set down, unfortunately there were two diggers also there that happened to notice us. As I jumped from my rope and landed with a tumble I let fly and bolt killing one digger as the other began running and yelling a warning down the passages. At least they knew we were coming.

We began to slowly make our way down the winding dug out corridors until we came across some new types of diggers. These ones were larger, sturdier looking fellas but their skin look dead. The other was a plain looking digger with some sort of backpack and hose coming off of it, what that contraption was used for I haven’t the foggiest clue. Kal being as fearless as ever casually walked towards our assailants, slicing and dicing as he pleased with Jak following close being him. Vohn and I provided cover fire, smart plan. As soon as these men were taken care of two more of these burly diggers came shambling up towards us. I noticed quickly that one of our enemy holding something in both hands, my intuition told me that it had to be bad so I shot it. My intuition was right, the thing I had shot exploded leveling Jak and Kal and unfortunately deafening us all.

We used this small break in the action to recover a bit before pressing onward. It was odd, we hadn’t seen or heard an enemy for several minutes. Going through a small passage way we come out to a large opened circular room and that’s when it we were ambushed. Enemy poured in from all direction, we each fought back to back. It felt like each time one enemy fell another one took his place. Then the worst possible thing happened, Jak went down and that’s when our defenses fell. Vohn being the hero he has to be tired to cover Jak but was quickly set upon by two enemies. Kal our strongest fighter also went to help and it was looking grim. Then strangely after one of the diggers fell the rest that were living ran off, to the relief of all of us. Gathering our broken team mate up we hobbled our way back to the ropes and gave the signal to pull us back up.

The diggers haven’t been eliminated but we will be back, they can count on that.

Vohn's journal - part 4

Our delve below turned out much worse than I thought. Jack and I were able to, after some finagling, begin to look around. Jack and I had to tie ourselves off the ropes and explore. One digger turned into three, and small scratches turned into deep wounds. I had to force Jack to retreat, and go back up. We grabbed our ropes and got out of their as fast as Kal and Reave could lift us.

We regaled our tale, after we caught our breath, to our brothers. Both dismissed us, saying we didn’t explore enough, didn’t see enough. I wanted to push them down there to explore themselves.

The hole beneath our city is much worse than we thought. We have a hole dead center in our city, and Thyr knows how many other caves. The caves are massive, as displayed by the fight we got into. Each section poured forth with diggers, and something new, brawlers and creatures with a massive tank.

The ones with the tank began to “gas” each of the brawlers. The diggers chucked rocks at us, and I was the unlucky brother who didn’t roll out of the way. Jack fell to the ground wounded, and I placed myself between hum and two groups of brawlers. One success of that trip, I managed to hit two of these creatures with one draw of my bowstring. Once their number began to dwindle, they knew they were done for. They began to run off. Both myself and Jack wereinjured, again, and needed to go rest, while we all begin to plan our next move.


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