Engines in the Dark

Eye of the Empire October 697
All the news that is fit to print

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Eye of the empire 1

Map of the Empire
A family Heirloom

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Empire map for log

Father's Letter: Defend Ciderton
He writes so rarely these days

Dearest Children -

I am deeply sorrowed by the attack at Ciderton, and the loss of your sister Trella to those damn bandits last week.

I heard what you did to defend the town, and I am proud that you fought back hard enough to drive them away. You did well, and kept our home from burning to a crisp.

I am currently waylaid outside of Greypool, and sadly cannot travel at this time. I am sorry.

In my stead, I am sending Tovan Archus to Ciderton to help improve the town’s defense, and to locate and bring back Trella. He will be working with Lucean Tisk to formulate a plan. Please assist them.

It will take some time, as Tovan is coming from Tanok Station. I have also sent for a unit of Glaives to come and assist the defense of the town; they will be arriving from the Capital.

You are under no circumstances to go after Trella yourselves. You need to recover from your injuries, and help prepare the defenses of Ciderton. Another attack is very likely. The Wolves Never Wander Far.

Kal – House Solta has been informed of your injuries; they have delayed your Vosir pledge – there is plenty of time to choose a Vode. (Term of service.)

Reave – The Brotherhood of Radiance has agreed to let you stay in Ciderton, until the matter of her defense (and your reputation) is resolved.

The Council of Wisdom has some questions about the raid:

  • How is harvest this year?
  • Did the bandits take much of the harvest?

Food is short in the Capital. Please protect the harvest, as a long winter is in front of us.

Please give Mother a hug and kiss from me, and please give her some of your time and attentions. She thrives when you children are around; it brings her to life.

With all of my love,

- Your Father.


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