The Dimlands

The Dimlands are the realms outside of the The Radiant Ring, which reach out to the Twilight Lands.

Years ago this region was called "

The Dimlands have much less sunlight than the The Radiant Ring, and most of the farmland has fallen fallow with stringy weeds and sickly crops. Most settlements have been abandoned, as the folk have fled to the The Shining City.

That said, there are a few settlements that have hung on, either due to the tenacious folk that live there, or because the land itself is so valuable. Several Empirial Citadel outposts are still maintained, holding out against the oncoming darkness.

Places of Note:

  • Ciderton – A small burg on the Haver River, known for it’s hearty apples and cider.
  • Graypool – A town, now mostly empty, nestled on the banks of a swamp.
  • Durrow – A military fortress on the edge of darker places.
  • Dunn Hollow – A hilly, sad town of mud huts and rutted roads on the edge of a moldy swamp.

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The Dimlands

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