Aethir Engines

Aethir Engines are 12 ft tall machines that were created by genius Engineer-Witch Rexia Thyr, 70 centuries ago to bring order (and light) to the Empire.

They represent the pinnacle of invention, combining the knowledge of Warlocks and Engineers. It is said that 999 were created, though surely no more than 300 are currently operational. The technology to create, or even maintain the Engines has been lost to the ages.

The Engines:

  • Push back the darkness, by providing light.
  • Weigh 8 tons and are essentially huge batteries. While heavily armored, they do night fight.
  • Harvest Thyr essence from the atmosphere, and store it in their vast batteries.
  • Are linked to the Shining City, and automatically transmit back a portion of the harvested Thyr back to the capital.
  • Have limited intelligence.
  • Act as a Thyr Node, powering the Thryi weapons and armor of linked adventurers.
  • Can send 1 daily Transmot audio transmission, lasting no more than 30 seconds. (Or less, depending on the range and power of the Engine.)

Aethir engineWolsung Steampunk Game: Security Golem

Thyr Nodes
An Engine acts as a Node, broadcasting energy to power the weapons and armor of linked adventurers. Each linked Aethir wears a bracer that invisibly connects them to the Engine. The range of effectiveness is no more than 30 feet.

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Aethir Engines

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