Cidertown is where they grow the best apples in all of the Empire. They ship ’em everywhere, even the Court! – Bellrose

The High Hunter, Solta Grith, was born and bred in Cinderton. Heck, I even drank some Applejack with him at the Burning Crow once.

Ciderton is a sleepy town, found in the The Dimlands.

See the excellent Map of Ciderton.

Personalities of note

*Aethir Lucean Tisk – The Meister of Ciderton
*Kugg – The champion of Ciderton.


Ciderton is known for the vast and rich apples that have historically been produced there. (“The best in the Empire!”) Though the land has dimmed, the folk of Ciderton hold on, and try to make a living there. While many have given up, the ones that have stayed are a tough lot.

Ciderton exports barrels of hard cider known as Applejack in the The Shining City, though the harvests from the past decade have been nowhere near what they once were.


  • The Harvest Festival – An annual celebration of the apple harvest, that takes place at the Broken Crow Tavern.
  • The Ciderton Games – An annual week of athletic games that usually take place a couple weeks after the Harvest Festival, and before the first snow.

The Birds of Ciderton

While Ciderton is rather quiet these days, 35 years ago it was ravaged by “the Birds”; a large flock of dead ravens descended upon the town, destroying crops and killing 15 townsfolk. Things were beginning to unravel as help from the Capital was still a good week away.

Aethir Solta Grith (then age 15) stepped up, along with his friends and villagers and fought back the birds through cleverness, determination, and gallons of kerosene. By the end, Grith was a local hero, and the birds were sad memory.

Today, no-one keeps birds as pets in Ciderton.

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