Ciderton Games

“The Ciderton Games is where I met my lady-friend. I threw my axe and won First Ribbon. Then I got a kiss.” – Marley Feather.

Ciderton has an annual regional games – where the folks of the region can compete, drink cider, and hone their physical skills. It usually takes place after the Harvest Festival and offers various cash prizes. Each person can enroll in one contest.

Folks travel from far and wide to compete in the games, as far away as Goliah. It brings a lot of business to Ciderton, and many cases of Applejack are sold.

Some of the contests include:

  • Apple Eating Contest – A bushel of apples per contestant – you have 10 minutes to eat as many as possible.
  • Axe Chuck – An axe throwing contest. Takes a mighty arm!
  • The Black Boar – Spear throwing at a swinging iron black boar at 30 paces.
  • Damsel’s Delight – Steal the copper roses from the Harvest Damsels; the first to get three wins!
  • Kill the Crows – Archers shoot at barreling paper crow kites.
  • Logroll – Two contestants balance on a log in the river, and try to roll each other off.
  • Log Chop – Cutting through a huge log, with laughing lumberjacks.
  • Race to Applethorn Ruins – A footrace to the Applethorn ruins and back. Grab those apples!
  • The Spider’s Thread – A race across tightropes strung across the river. Don’t fall!
  • Tart Baking Contest – The ladies of Ciderton fire up their ovens for the best apple tart.


  • Ribbons for competitors.
  • Copper, Silver, and Golden Apples for the top 3 winners in each contest.
  • A new long leather coat for the Best Sportsman.
  • A new silver Dirk for the Best Newcomer.
  • A barrel of Applejack for the Best of the Games.

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Ciderton Games

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