“According to our histories, there were few monsters in the Empire seen for several hundred years. But then, that all changed when the sun died. Now I’d say that the High Huntsman is one busy man.” – Librarian Lumm

The Aethir Empire once had many monsters until the countryside was cleared, and all of the wall systems were built. After a time, the Dimming happened and the Murk came, and monsters began wandering in from the darkness.


  • Digger – Weirdness from the Darkness.
  • Gorrup – Giants found to the northern woods of Ciderton.
  • Grigg – Small, green, and mean.
  • Mule – Donkey crossed with a horse. Used by commoners.
  • Shail Mustang – Feral horses from Shail.
  • Steam Cheval – Tireless mechanical horses of the Aethir.
  • Tainted Stag – A dark-touched beast.
  • Torch Clan – Violent masked raiders.
  • Vulg – Savage wolves.
  • Vux – Huge horned herbivores, used to pull plow and wagon. Good tasting meat.


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