697 years ago, the sun began to die. It started with a slight flickering, random blackouts, and then after 300 years – it faded away completely.

Some say that it was devoured by the lords of darkness; others believe that it was a test for the true believes in truth. In any case, only the light from The Shining City keep crops growing and us alive.


The temperature has diminished much from those years; there are but 2 seasons year-round; Sumar (dim Summer) and Vetar (dim Winter).

In Sumar, plants barely wilt, though the closer they are to the The Shining City the better they grow. The sky never shines blue, just black, and the stars are rarely seen. High temperatures range from the 50’s to almost 70 degrees. Most folks wear light coats in Sumar.

In Vetar, it is very cold, with icy winds plunging from the Northern mountains. Storms are powerful, swift, and long reaching. Most folks wear many coats in Vetar.

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