“Durga are a sad race of folk, forever troubled by the loss of their once regal mountain. They keep to themselves, but if you ever to manage to make a friend out of one, you have a friend for life.” – Duncan Calibretto

Stocky and bearded, this nobel race was driven from their mountain home of Thromholt to join the Empire 5 centuries ago. They stand about 4-5 feet tall, are very strong, and rarely back down from a fight.

Today, they serve the Empire as the Deepwarders guarding the deepest reaches beneath The Shining City

Most Durga:

  • Are very proud of their labors.
  • Love whittling copper.
  • Are hard-working.
  • Follow a rather rigid code of ethics.
  • Like bashing foes with hammers, axes, and picks.

Some Durga:

  • Serve as Deepwarders far beneath the Capital, fighting things that creep in the dark.
  • Live as monks and still worship their old ghost of a God, Bakova.
  • See light itself is folly, and have secretly joined the Darkfaith.

Slur: “Dwarf.”

A Deepwarder patrols the depths of the Catacomb Zone.

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