The Aethir Empire is home to millions; of them, a few make their mark, and become well-known by the masses.

Of course, the most important and famous would be the Emperor and his wife.

Other notable personalities:

  • Aethir Rumey Galechanter = The Thyrmaster Stormwarden that abolished the mighty storm of 678. He is said to be able to make lightening with his hands.
  • Balor Toza – This Balor defeated a Vosir in battle and now roams the countryside with his Bandit gang.
  • The Black Corsair – The pirate of the Volo Canal who seemingly cannot be caught.
  • The Gent – A legendary figure that is said to haunt the Spire, assassinating Nobles and commoner alike. Tall, dark, and menacing.
  • Highbrush Rheive – The greatest painter that has ever lived. His paints portraits of the Courtiers and has been working on the ceiling of the Emperor’s dining chamber for the past 5 years.
  • Aethir Rith Vier – She is known to have the most beautiful singing voice in all of the Empire, and is said to have once raised a man from the dead with a song.
  • The Longbeards – The seven sons of Emperor Keil, waiting their turn at the throne. Often mentioned and/or joked about. (There used to be 9 of them.)
  • Vosir Ratha Khalwon – This notorious fellow is said to be the Empire’s greatest lover. His powers of seduction are only second to that of his blade.
  • Vosir Arai Volius – The single greatest living bladesmaster in the Empire, by most accounts. The end of his nose is missing.


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