Foul Weather

Foul Weather is a term to describe all matter of horrible storms, winds, and rains that crash into the Empire from “the dark places.” They are no common storms; they have a force of power that can tumble walls, destroy entire forests, and poison cities.

Luckily, the Empire has the Stormwardens to help divert them from our lands.

Documented Foul Weather includes:

  • Frigid Winds – Winds that are 50 degrees below zero, or more, freezing everything.
  • Lightening Terror – Sheets of lightening fall from the sky.
  • Doomgusts – Powerful gusts of 200-500 mph winds.
  • Hellfunnels – Tornadoes of incredible size and ripping power.
  • Judgement Blizzards – Horrible blizzards that come any time of the year, killing crops.
  • Acidic Showers – Rain that peels the paint from buildings, and poisons the beasts.

Foul weather

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Foul Weather

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