House Rules

Hey Guys!

Here are some thing that I’d LOVE to see us do, to make our game better. I’m dedicated to making a fun campaign as possible, but I can’t do it alone; I need your help, too!

Character Logbooks

After each session, please transfer your notes HERE so we can keep track of what’s going on in the campaign. These notes will be VERY helpful as the adventure unravels, and they enrich the game. I’m not looking for a beautiful, epic work; just some notes/opinions in the voice of your character.

Heck, even lists are great!

Something like this:

- – -
Episode 7: Trouble in Tumbletown

Looking for the dang princess, again. Found ourselves in Tumbletown, a true dump if I’ve ever seen one. We met up in the Dark Vulture Bar, where the trouble began.

  • Kurse (the bad guy) chopped my buddy Kark really bad; the Balore about lost his arm to Kurse’s axe.
  • Score! Found 118 gold on those cultists; and a mysterious locket with the number 385 scrawled inside. (No idea what that’s about.)
  • Knotch insulted Kurse really bad, before Kurse escaped from the trapdoor in the bar. DAMN HIM!
  • Next up: we’re heading to Doverville; the map that the cultists dropped pointed in that direction. I have a bad feeling about this.

- – -
Reward for making character Logbook entries: 1 Reroll per quality entry. (At least some effort.)

Keep in mind that these entries encourage ME to work on the game. It’s motivation. It really helps, and I appreciate it. Throw your GM a bone!
- – -

House Rules

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