“There are a thousand sects and cabals, each seeking to extend their influence though the Empire, but they are weak. There is but one true power in the Empire; it is called gold.” – Zholk

Factions Found in the Empire

  • The Brotherhood of Radiance – This group regulate the unlawful use of Thyr.
  • The Council of Wisdom – The bureaucracy of the Empire; the magistrates, clerks, auditors and registrars that run Aethiria.
  • The Deepwalkers – A faction of Durga who patrol the deep reaches beneath the Spire.
  • The Descendants – 300 Thyr Monks dedicated to endless chanting and channeling of Thyr to the statue of Lady Thyr.
  • The Dark Wards – The brotherhood of warriors that watches and wards the Empire against the darkness. (Serves the citadels and walls.)
  • The Glaives – The disciplined police force of the Empire.
  • The High Houses – The ruling Noble Houses of the Aethiri.
  • The Hoodwinks – Traffickers of the Shadow Market.
  • The Lawblades – High warriors who dispense the Justice of the Court.
  • The League of the Eye – Seers and Soothsayers that serve the High Houses of the Court.
  • The Honorable Nain – Highest servants of the Aethir Nobility.
  • The Hounds of the Hunt – Huntsman Heroes.
  • The Ministry of Equity – Conservative wing of the Government, that administers the Empire’s Finances.
  • The Order of the Engine – Important Thyrmasters who administrate the Mesh, the Aethir Engines, and the Emperor’s Apparatus.
  • The Revenants – The Librarians and Historians of the High Court Palace libraries.
  • Shadowtongue – Information brokers and sellers of secrets.
  • The Sky Templar – An elite group of holy jump-pilots.
  • The Stormwardens – A junta of Thyrmasters who push back foul weather and help guide light back to the Outer Provinces.
  • The Torch Clan – A mob of bandits who attack Ciderton.
  • The Vosir – An elite sect of bladesmasters who duel on behalf of the High Houses.

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