The Aethir Empire represents civilization and a single point of light, in a world of savage darkness. Literally, the Shining City is the sole source of illumination in the world.

Some points of interest include:

  • The Shining City – The center of civilization, the city is the home to 25 million souls.
  • The Radiant Ring – The innermost realm of Aethiria, the Radientlands are the home to vast tracts of farmland.
  • The Dimlands- Few brave souls manage to survive here.
  • The Twilight Lands – Lands now lost to the endless eve.
  • The Savage Murk – The darkness beyond the walls.
  • Volo Canal – The Canal that bisects the Empire.
  • Vulthia – The nation to the far North of the Empire, now shrouded in darkness.

Map of the lit world

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Empire map for log

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