Steam Cheval

“Horses are unreliable, weak, and they reek of dung. When I want to ride, I ride in style… on a Tirra Steam Cheval.” – Tirra Lucal

Steam Cheval (Sheh-val) are mechanical wonders, utilized by the Nobles of The Shining City.

Cheval were invented by House Tirra around 1800 years ago, and now most are antiques. They run off of Thyr crystals harvested centuries ago, locked deep inside of the chest cavity.

Steam Cheval are very expensive, but they are:

  • Fast – As fast as any steed, they can maintain a full gallop for hours!
  • Loud – Show off your fantastic wealth! Let everyone know your exquisite taste! Make your enemies tremble!
  • Tireless – They never ask for a break!
  • Hot – They generate a great deal of heat, for the cold days we constantly experience.
  • Stenchless – No more shite or hay; they just put off a little smoke and steam.
  • Tough – They don’t die nearly as easily as a warhorse; they have plate barding built it!

While the High Court Palace does not allow pack beasts inside, they do turn a blind eye to Steam Cheval, with several Princes, Vosir, and Barons riding them around the Court.

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Steam Cheval

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