The Block

“Ya take a world of peoples, each from their own towns, traditions, and cultures, and you shove them into one giant city, all stacked upon each other like crates. That’s the Block. Someday it’ll all blow up.” – Tiber Straif

The Block is a 500 mile long megalopolis that runs along the Volo Canal.

It is the home to 25 million souls, most of which are refugees from lands and kingdoms that have become dimmed out.

It is a melting pot of races and cultures, which sometimes leads to depravity and violence. While some rise above, others abuse Shine and other illicit substances.

The Block is made up of countless districts and slums, all piled upon one another in brick buildings. Some areas are safe and wealthy, while others are hives for crime and trouble.

The block

While the Aethiri claim to have dominion over the Block, they have no real way to govern and control the populous that live there. (After all, the Aethir are outnumbered at least 300 to 1.)

The folks of the Block are called “Emigra”.

Recently, the Emigra invented the Thundergrip, a powerful firearm that competes with the Thyr powers of the Aethiri.

The Block

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