The Eye of the Empire

“If there is news of the Aethir Empire, one of the Eye’s many reporters are sure to cover it – whether it’s important or not.” – Unknown.

The Eye of the Empire was established in the year 99 (about 600 years ago). In many ways it keeps Aethiria cohesive, bringing information and news from the four distant corners of the land.

They “Eye” has never missed an edition, and covers all manner of stories of the Court, the Block, and the outer Dimlands.

The power of the Eye cannot be overstated; it can crush the reputation of a foolish Nobel, destroy the business of a witless shop owner, or incite the commoner masses of The Block to riot.

The Eye has been under the responsible leadership of Aethir Vorman Klark for the past 25 years, maintaining the paper’s reputation for excellence in journalism.

The Eye of the Empire is owned by House Cennik, and was established by Cennik Dromin Nim.

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The Eye of the Empire

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