The Radiant Ring

“The Radiant Ring is the breadbasket of the Empire; what they grow feeds all of us. May Lady Thyr bless us if the beacon gets any dimmer.” – Sesha Pulgaris Raik

The last of the fertile farmlands, the Radiant Ring is home to vast tracts of grain, small towns, and civilized folk. Dominating the very center of the Radiant Ring is of course The Shining City; this is the brightest group of provinces of the Empire. (With each province a slice of pie, with the Capital in the center.)

The soils here have been pushed to their limit, and the harvest continues to diminish as the light from The Shining City dims season after season. Still, the farmers there struggle to do their best to increase harvest yields.

Places of Note in the Radiant Ring

  • The Shining City – The capital of the Aethir Empire and the source of all light.
  • Drossland – The immediate area surrounding the Capital is dominated by squatters and heaps of garbage. Tens of thousands of Grigg are thought to live here.
  • Silhann – A city on the border of the Radiant Ring, connecting Tamerville with the Shining City.
  • Tamerville – A town that used to produce a great deal of grain, until the locust came.
  • Voaderdale – A ranch-village that raises and trades in Voaderbeast.

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The Radiant Ring

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