The Shining City

“The Capital is the only place in the world that even matters, anymore. It’s as glorious as it is filthy, as massive as it is confounding, as Holy as it is corrupt. I call it home.” – Dolo the Quick.

Places of Interest:

* The Spire
* High Court Palace
* Skyport
* The Block
* Volo Canal

Shining cityThe Shining City is a massive megalopolis of some 25 million souls, sprawling across 500 miles along the Volo Canal. It marks the center of the The Radiant Ring, and is the brightest point in the world.

The Capital appears as a gigantic citadel spire rising 2 miles into the sky topped by a ever-shining statue of Lady Thyr. The statue glows as bright as the sun, and lights the land for leagues in every direction. Below the spire lies a massive sprawl of a city, reaching east and west for 500 miles gripping the Aethyr-made Volo Canal.

Over the centuries, as the sun dimmed away, the Shining City became a beacon for the various kingdoms that collapsed into darkness. While it is a melting pot for a whole host of races, there is a distinct chaste system, at least for the “upper races.”

The Spire and the Block

The Shining City is divided into to very distinct parts; The Spire and The Block.

The lower city is called The Block and is made up of a vast stretch of urban districts. To call it one thing is a misnomer; The Block is the home to 25 million souls, all refugees from different cultures, kingdoms, and Dimmed Out Lands.


Skyport is the area below the High Court Palace where hundreds of Zeppelins fly in and out of Capital, destined for the outer provinces.

The Shining City

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