The Spire

The upper city citadel is called The Spire, and is home to the higher races; the Aethir.

At the very peak, is the the statue to the Lady Thyr below which lies the Garden.

Above the smog, the Citadel rises still higher to the High Court Palace, where the Aethiri rule and the Emperor holds court.

Below the Palace is the Skyport, a bustling central station of passengers and cargo bound for the outer Provinces.

At the heart of the Spire is the Emperor’s Apparatus that processes the Thyr and converts it to power and light.

The upper reaches of the Spire is restricted to the upper races, and while it is massive, it represents about 2% of the population of the Shining City.

Below the Spire lies the The Block, a massive sprawl larger than any other city in the entire world.

The Spire

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