Thyr is a mysterious force of nature discovered by the early Aethir people, which now illuminates and powers the Empire.

Aethir Engines spread throughout the Empire harvest Thyr from the atmosphere, and transmit it back to The Shining City to illuminate the Empire. Many of the Thyrmills situated in the outer provinces, have failed, reducing the amount of Thyr harvested annually to an all-time low.

Occasionally, outcrops of crystalized Thyr are found and mined. Some believe that once powered, this crystal dust powers the thundergrips.

Chrystal Thyr also powers many other devices, including Apparatus, Aethir Engines, and even Steam Cheval.

Crystalized thyr
Crystalized Thyr

The Aethir claim the use of Thyr as their holy birthright; they revere Lady Thyr as their goddess of light.


  • The Aethir are not the only ones able to utilize Thyr.
  • Thyr is made of of the sun.


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