Engines in the Dark

EPISODE ONE: Incursion

Grigs Invade Ciderton


Other Characters:

  • Dorrik – Subservient bully lumberjack. Buddy of Klem.
  • Kugg – Champion of Ciderton. Reading agains another raid.
  • Kalla – Seamstress of Ciderton. Making 5 suits of commener clothing for Kal.
  • Klem – Bully lumberjack. Dominant over Dorrik. Intimidated by Kal.
  • Lokan – Owner of the Broken Crow. Likes Vohn, but not anyone else.
  • Matron Gelt Etier – Mother-in-absentia for the Boys.
  • Marta – Wife of Lokan, barmaiden of the Broken Crow. Friendly.
  • Meister Lucean Tisk – Leader of Ciderton.
  • Sheel – Daughter of Lokan & Marta. Likes Vohn.
  • Talos 20 – Engine of Ciderton.
  • Chieftain Tuvu – Leader of the TEEFBITE CLAN. Own’s Kal’s silver watch.

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- – -


October 10, 697th year after the Sun. Ciderton.

The Gathering of the Soltas

  • Vosir Kal arrived in a carriage, and looked dashing in his new cloak and armor.
  • Reave arrived by carriage as well; he has an official badge of the Brotherhood of Radiance now.
  • Vohn, along with his sidekick Jak, welcomed them home.
  • Matron Etier quickly reprised her role as the caretaker of the Hearth, cooking, cleaning, and making sure everyone was comfortable.

It was great to see the children of Solta all together again. It’s unfortunate that they gather under these circumstances.

Holly’s Funeral

The funeral for sister Holly was a somber affair, as one might expect. Words were said, tears were shed, but I do not feel that it would be right to document it literally.

The entire town gathered to lay down Ciderton’s dead, as it was one of 6 funerals of the week. By the end, everyone was fairly exhausted, with nothing much left to say.

Grig Chaos

A host of 312 terrible little Grigs invaded town, with the announcement that Grig were welcome to take solace in the Empire. Of course, they are not proper citizens; one has to earn that privilege.

Officer Reave quickly took action, attempting to calm down terrible little beasts. I’m not sure what the Emperor was thinking when he allowed them to come to our great Empire. I like Reave, though I’m am quite certain that he does not like Apparatus. Or Nain.

Vohn too made sure that ALL of our tools in the shed were not stolen; he managed to preserve our shovel, thank Lady Thyr. There are ditches to dig out, after all.

Jak tried to talk some sense into the green devils, though I’m not certain that it helped. Still, he has spunk.

Axes Drawn

Klem and Dorrik, local lumberjacks, decided to tease Vosir Kal for wearing such proper and nice looking clothing. (They are jealous, I am certain.) He was wearing his makeup of mourning, complete with a sapphire tear under the left eye.

The Vosir whipped out his (practice) blade, and the lumberjacks laughed (thinking he missed) until Klem’s mighty axehead fell to the ground. It was delightful! They surely won’t trouble Kal again.

Town Meeting

A town meeting was called by the Meister in the Broken Crow, to assure everyone that the Grig situation was handled. I’m not so sure that it was, but Tisk has a golden tongue.

Luckily the Boys met with Kugg, who informed them of the terrible state of our palisade wall. You’d think that Vohn would have known this already, but he spends most of his time outside of the walls these days.

The dilemma: the menfolk can work on the wall, or bring in the harvest (and winter firewood) but not booth.

Their plan: utilize the Grig to bring in the harvest and assist with the ditch digging. I like this plan, as the green devils might as well start contributing to the Empire.

Meeting with the Chieftain

After unsuccessfully attempting to meet with Meister Tisk, the Boys decide to approach the Grig Tribe about helping fortify Ciderton.

Vosir Kal is kind enough to give away some of his silverware, AND his fancy engraved pocketwatch to meet with Chieftain Tuvu, who seems to be dazzled by the tribute. Kal is very wise!

They strike a deal, without Meister Tisk’s approval, to have the Grig help gather the harvest, for access to Master Vohn’s secret hunting grounds (he’s an excellent hunter) and a plot of fenced Grig land.

Meanwhile, Master Reave sampled the Grig drink of Gakk, and promptly jumped high over their bonfire. He is an enthusiastic dancer for certain, making many devil-friends last night. I warned him to not trust the little liars, but he just burped.

The Hunt and Eclipse

Early the next morning, the Boys decided to go hunting. Hunting is so exciting, and it’s very nice to see Master Vohn follow in Lord Grith’s footsteps. He definitely resembles his father in both stature and demeanor.

Vosir Kal is not a very good hunter, as his fancy boots and armor made quite a racket. Master Reave did better, though he still wasn’t as quiet as Jak and Vohn.

Suddenly, the Shining City went dark, plunging us into darkness. For the next 22 hours, we were in the darkest of nights.

With Officer Reave’s Radiance Glove, and the Nain’s lantern, we were able to see in a small circumference of light. Unfortunately, the Murk crept in, staining the ground with it’s black tendrils.

The Tainted Stag

A huge stag stepped forth, with a massive rack of horns, with a wet-black coat, and Murk breath. It was a terrible sight, and I hid behind a tree. (Luckily, the Boys took little notice of me during the hunt, but I was there the whole time, ready to interpret.)

It charged, and Vohn shot it with his greatbow, and Reave blasted it with his Thyr Bolt which sang from his glove. Unfortunately, the foul stag was unaffected by these attacks.

Vosir Kal whipped it across the forequarters, letting out a gout of black ichor. This creature was not blessed with Lady Thyr’s force.

Jak lashed at it’s front leg with abandon; I don’t know if he realized he also bit it, but he did. It was a terrible wound; it should have cut off the entire leg, but it did not.

More arrows and blasts wracked it, and Vosir Kal cut it in the classic Bleeding T attack. It was very effective. After all of this damage, the stag finally expired, and fell into a heap on top of Officer Reave. With some chops of the Aelanith, the horns were clipped and Reave escaped with a shoulder injury.

Unfortunately, something inside of the stag began to rumble, and everyone had had enough for the night. We retreated into the darkness, leaving behind the sound of the stag being torn open. We did not wait to see what that was.

After a very long time of stumbling through the darkness (thank goodness the light from the Thyr Glove and the lantern lasted) we made it home.

Everyone, in silence, went immediately to bed.

I put away some dishes, and then told this entire tale to Talos 20 and Calibr8, who seemed to enjoy it.

- L1ngo 44, loyal Apparatus of House Solta.



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