“The Apparatus were made by some fool genius-Founder ages ago, who thought that we needed more half-wits running around spouting off facts and figures. Thing is, the older they get, the more half-witted they become.” – Durwin Fits

Apparatus perform a variety of functions from vending to accounting, translation to clerical duties. They are sentient, though they rarely are capable of the genius leaps that Aethir have made over the centuries. They are good workers, but inspired artists or warriors they’ll never be. In short, they were invented to serve.

Apparatus A rather fancy Court Apparatus Tea Server.

The secret to creating the Apparatus has been lost to time, though it is because Apparatus maintain one another that they are still with us. It is said that there are likely less than 5000 left today, though historical documents state that there were once over 100,000 of them.

They are allowed in the High Court Palace, and many serve there. A few are private citizens, a many are in private ownership.

Slur: “Boltback.”

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