Jack by the Barrels
Vohn Solta
Vosir Kal
Officer Reave
Nain Dower
Bard Drassic
Rance Hyko
Vassal (Solta) Hex – Red coat, Vassal class.

The Funeral
- Setting: The Huntsman’s Hall – Hundreds of trophies, statues, and skulls.
- 10,000 faces, handshakes, and sorrows.
- Incense, thousands of people, black, opulence.
- Mysterious girl giving them the evil eye Aethir Bastine Ress
- Tears, smirks
- Eulogy by Tirra Tovan Archus “I have something to tell you…”

The Ambush Trap

The Wake

The Introduction
- Tovan Archus introduces the characters to Aethir Kantha Avalar
- Avalar suggests he knows something about Grith’s death… but is coy.

The Reading of the Will The Bequeathing
The children:
- Vohn
- Reave
- Kal
- Trella
- Holly
- Bastine Ress

Grith’s Stuff

To my eldest son, Kal:

- The Holy Blade of Ekka (Maybe Ekka is a ruin of the Ancient Ones – whoever they end up being.) May it serve you as well as it has served me, all of these years. But be careful, it bites back.

Lucky Boots of Stomping/Kicking (Great for kicking down doors, walls, beasts?)

Kal – Silver knuckled gloves. May they punch with power. Heavy Gauntlet

Reave – The glaive of Rola. It cuts like fire, and killed the Wyrm.

Longcase Clock, 8 feet high, gift of the people of Currah. Inside is hidden a letter warning Grith of treachery.

The Medallion of the Huntsman – official mantle of the position. Gold, puts off faint light.

The Gray Coat – Antique Plate Mail Armor first owned by Aethir Hovan Turil, High Punisher. Very comfortable. Fits Vohn.

Pocket Watch – Gift from the Emperor himself. (Engraved “For your service to the Empire – May your time be long, May your life be bright.” – Your Emperor . (Maybe it makes a bright light when opened?)

Dirk – For Jak the Grig.

Vohn -
Book of Beasts – borrowed from the Librarium. Currently 11 years overdue with 900 Gold in fees.

The Red Cloak – Gift from the people of Shail. – Ress

3 court suits (Outdated). – Someone else.

Vohn -
The spear of Esire. It killed the black Lion.

Ress -
The Ciderton net. of silverite. Used it to catch the Ciderton Crows.

Holly – My iron hound.

Trella – Box of oddities might serve you well. Mechanical bird and 2 data spools.

Trella – My case of apples. May they heal you well. (4 white apples left.)

250,000 gp in debts. (Maintaining his household, his Hounds, etc.)

List of lenders for the 250,000 gp.

The Iron Hound – Found in the tunnel ruins beneath Gollah. Iron ring is the companion.

- The Pelt of the Black Lion of Greypool – Raw. Turns back blades. – Unassigned

Dinner with Ress at the Lumen Restaurant. (5 Platinum pieces!)

Reave – Assigned to clean up Thyr in district 131.

High Huntsman Announcement – Tovan Archus.

Eye of the Empire headline: Vosir (Dorian Khorr) duels the High Huntsman. High Huntsman Dies.


Engines in the Dark steamcrow