High Court Palace

The lowborn races will never see the forbidden delights of the High Court Palace. And if they did…

The High Court Palace is a massive structure, that encompasses the upper third of the Shining City Spire.

It is a tangle of opulent great halls, pillared domes, gilded hallways, balcony gardens, and secluded libraries – covering thousands of acres of space. It is most certainly pierced by hidden passages, secret doors, and covert meeting places, if you can find them.

To say that it is opulent, would be an understatement. It is decorated with gilded ceilings, massive paintings, epic statues, over the top furniture, and the like. (All of which would be instantly recognizable as belonging to the Emperor.)

Places of Note

  • The Alabaster – A swanky lounge most frequented by Vosir and pretty ladies.
  • Beggar’s Row – A well-travelled hallway where non-nobel Aethiri beg for coins from their betters.
  • Blades and Baubles – A jewelry shop and perhaps the best swords in the Spire.
  • The Broken Lion Taproom – A restaurant and bar catering to Thyrmasters and scholars.
  • Emperor’s Hallow – The great hall of the Emperor, where decrees are made, speeches given, and where rumors are born.
  • The Glass Squid – A bar where wine is served and the aquarium is enjoyed.
  • The Highborn Feast Hall – Where all of the major dinners are held, during the Summer season.
  • The Librarium – The official Library open to members of the Noble Houses.
  • The Lumen – A fancy restaurant known for rare raw foods.
  • The Naughty Raspberry – A perfume shop and brothel for the less dashing Noblemen.
  • The Sanitarium Wing – The hospital to the highborn.
  • The [[Scissor & Shank]] – A well-known tailor shop know for the latest in fashion.
  • The Steam Baths – A gallery of linked pools of water, some ice cold, others steaming hot, where the Aethiri elite refresh themselves.
  • Xandir Watch Company – Excellent watches and mechanical repairs.


  • The Palace is so large that no-one has ever seen all of it’s halls, corridors and chambers. There are no maps to the place.
  • It is said that they never eat the same thing twice there, and they feast upon crystalline china worth more than our farm.

High Court Palace

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