Language has evolved and morphed in the Aethir Empire. At one time thousands of languages existed; today, there are but a few.

Aethish – The high tongue of the Court (and the Aethiri), it is a flowery language, used best to form poems, express emotions, and impress the highborn. It is very difficult to learn, and it takes years to master it’s calligraphy.

Blocktok – The street language of the Block. It is a mishmash of 1000 languages combined and recombined over 1000 years. It is crude, dirty, and rather harsh. There is no written version of Blocktok, and it is never spoken in the Spire. Gentle-persons do not speak Blocktok.

Empire Standard – The official language of the Empire; it is necessary if one wishes to deal with the bureaucracy. It is straightforward, efficient, and not too difficult to learn. It’s written form is clear and simple.

Griggspek – The wormy language of the Grigg, who stubbornly refuse to give it up. It is a hissy and aggressive tongue; there are 11 words for “stab”, 18 for “bite”, and 46 for “steal”.

Machine Language – The shared mechanical language of the Engines and Apparatus. Organic beings are normally not capable of speaking Machine (it is a series of very rapid clicks and gear grinds) though all machines know Empire Standard.

Murkspeak – The language of cultists and the followers of the shadow. It is a forbidden tongue; if you hear it spoken, report it immediately. It sounds like whispering.

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