Names can be a complicated thing, in the Empire.

Basically, your first name is the name of your Race, followed by your House, followed by your Personal Name.

Titled Names

Most civilized folks have 3 names, which follows this format: RACE > HOUSE > PERSONAL. In the Shining Court everyone is called by their full titled name.

For Example:

Aethir Solta Grith (Aethir = Race indicator. Solta = Family name. Grith = Personal name.) His family and friends would probably just call him “Grith”, while the city guard would only ever call him by his entire titled name.

The Aethir tend to be very formal with the other races, calling them by their full Titled Names.

Block Names

Other races, especially those of The Block have regular family names, in the less formal – Family Name | Personal Name format.

For Example:
Vranna Kurga (Vranna = Family name. Kurga Personal name.)

But, an Aethir would probably call him “Balore Vranna Kurga,” at least if he wanted to show him any respect.

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